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Fahrenheit 451 character development

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Running, playing, imagination; these are all things that bond between children. An individual will remember these as a kid, the friendships they’ve created in the more simple days. Time goes on and changes and so do those friendships. Can one say they’ve been TABLE to not depend on technology, to not only start, but to keep those friendships going on? There are more than just one reasoning to why there has been such little care going into a relation with somebody.

Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, expresses the effortless, careless work of a bond that is dead and alive.

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Fahrenheit 451 character development
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In the book, Fahrenheit 451 , the carelessness in any kind of relationship causes people within the society to be hurt, move too fast, and forget the memories that were never made. The relationships contained within the story are changed, manipulated, controlled, faded, and the only real relationships are in fictional television shows. However, some Of these cases may also be in the real world.

For seven days, Claries comes out of her house and she walks with Montage.

She walks him to the corner in wind, rain, and shine, giving her face a unborn by later afternoon: “Why is it,” he said, one time, at the subway entrance, “l feel live known you so many years? ” ‘Because like you,” she said, “and don’t want anything from you. And because we know each other. ” (28). Montage starts to have connections with somebody, something that isn’t based off of technology, which makes his friendship with Claries real. This is something new to Montage because he is so used to not having a joining with anybody, not even his wife, Mildred. “It’s strange, I don’t miss her, its strange don’t feel much of anything,” said Montage.

Even if she dies, I realized a moment ago, I don’t think [III feel sad. It isn’t right. Something must be wrong with me. ” (155). Its sad that after the short time Montage has spent with Claries, he still has a better bond with her than he ever did with Mildred. A lot of things can interfere with relationships, in the book, F-Rinehart 451; technology is the wall between people and their interaction with each other. Whereas in the world we live in today, there are many other reasons, let alone technology, that are blocking the relationships between two people.

It comes obvious that nobody cares how they treat each other in Fahrenheit 451. They aren’t self-conceited, they do not understand the way society acts and reacts to each other peacefully. Feeling at ease, and comforTABLE around Claries, Montage and she are having a deep conversation while they go for a walk: “Everyone I know is either shouting like wild or beating up one another. Do you notice how people hurt each other nowadays? ‘ (30). People are so into technology that they forget how to treat each other properly, and they do it poorly. They do it without a care of how they make others feel.

Stories aren’t the only time and place that the relationships between people have changed. Today, in our society, there are many influences changing the way people are creating any kind Of relationship between others. In the Couples Connection article: “Never had it so good? Changes to relationships and domestic life over the last 60 years. ” Published January 31, 2009, “A life without much TV is a good thing for most relationships. It means more time really talking listening to each other; and the opportunity to pursue other interests either together or as individuals.

Television among other technologies is one of the biggest influencing factors on relationships. It cuts out the time from spending moments in person, face to face conversations, taking away the emotional effect. “Things are a lot freer as of now, but there is still pressure on both men and women to be everything and to ‘have it all’ This can put huge stress on our relationships and the strain of managing it all might make us yearn for what we think were simpler times (Never had it). ” Wanting to become successful in every aspect possible is another factor that is changing relationships.

Everything that our society is advancing in is all becoming one big distraction, changing to “FAA reinvent 451” relationships. Controlled, faded, manipulated, are the relationships that society has in the book: Fahrenheit 451, whereas the only place to find a true relationship is in the visionary imagination of television. However, these connections people have with each other are even seen in our society today. Relations have changed over time, it seems as though not one relationship today is the same as it was 50 years ago. Society neglects its affectionate touch due to the much interference.

One might wonder the last time they told somebody that they loved them and meant it. Today, the average couple will be seen watching television. Years ago, the average couple would be seen having creative days well spent and not huddled indoors facing a blinding screen. It’s all very simple, how could anybody miss it? Reaching someone’s inner child: their running, playing, and imaginative inner child. Technology is forever and replaceTABLE. Last time anybody ever knew, or cared, having a loving, caring best friend doesn’t last forever. Just like that, time goes on.

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