Fahrenheit 451 and There Will Come Soft Rains Character Analysis

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A bulk sum of narratives may hold a similar trait to another piece of composing. A big sum of narratives have been compared in ways such as subject. scenes. characters. sarcasm. and close grounds of boding. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and “There Will Come Soft Rains. ” by Ray Bradbury are an illustration of similar narratives by sharing some of the same qualities. These two readings can be said to be indistinguishable in some ways by incorporating a common thought of negative effects of war and the value of the natural universe but can be contrasted by being consisted of two different sorts of chief characters. Fahrenheit 451 shows these facets throughout the novel. In Fahrenheit 451 Mrs. Phelps says. Anyway. Pete and I ever said. no cryings nil like that. It’s our 3rd and we’re independent.

Be independent. we ever said. He said. if I get killed off. you merely travel right and don’t call. but get married once more. and don’t think of me. ( Bradbury 95 ) This shows negative effects of war by stating that Mrs. Phelps shouldn’t call if her hubby is killed and needs to acquire married once more and be independent like her and her hubby ever said. This can be compared to all the married womans who lose their hubbies in war and become widows. In Fahrenheit it shows the value of the natural universe. This is shown when Faber says. “NO. no. it’s non books at all you’re looking for! Take it where you can happen it. in old record player records. old gesture images. and in old friends ; expression for it in nature and expression for it in yourself” ( Bradbury 128 ) .

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This shows that Faber values that natural and thinks everyone should look at it the manner he does. Nature should be valued and many people take advantage of it in Faber’s sentiment and even do it in today’s universe. Fahrenheit’s chief character is Montag and is demonstrated With his symbolic helmet numbered 451 on his solid caput. and his eyes all orange flame with- the idea of what came following. he flickered the ignitor and the house jumped up in ingurgitating fire that burned the eventide sky ruddy and xanthous and black. ( Bradbury 3 )

Montag is the chief character who is the fireman who ignites places if they contain any books. This seems really uneven because in today’s society Fireman are supposed to halt fires and salvage lives non get down them. These three points of comparing and contrast are besides shown in Bradbury’s other narrative. “There Will Come Soft Rains. ” The short narrative. “There Will Come Soft Rains” is similar to Fahrenheit 451 but readers can besides see different facets in both readings. “This house was the one place left standing. At dark the ruined metropolis gave off a radioactive freshness which could be seen for miles” ( Bradbury 615 ) . Radioactive means that there was some type of atomic arm that destroyed the metropolis. So the one place that was left became independent after everything was destroyed.

Nature will populate on even if adult male is gone and nil is populating on Earth ( Bradbury 615-617 ) . This is shown by nature taking over this metropolis after all work forces depart. All of the workss and trees are still living by themselves with no aid from and will go on to turn on their ain. “The house tried to salvage itself. Doors sprang tightly shut. but the Windowss were broken by the heat and the air current blew and sucked upon the fire” ( Bradbury 618 ) . The house was the chief character because it was the lone thing left in the metropolis and was really important. The house tried to salvage itself by contending the fire and seeking to halt it from firing it down merely like our firemans do today.

Negative effects of war. value of the natural universe. and chief characters are all compared and contrasted in Fahrenheit 451 and “There Will Come Soft Rains. ” Montag and the house were both the chief characters from the different narratives and could be said to be really different in many ways. Mrs. Phelps and her hubby in Fahrenheit and the house in soft rains were both independent T and showed the trait of negative effects of war.

The value of the natural universe was shown in both narratives by being mentioned many times and that people should existent appreciate what it does for us and non take advantage of it. In the society of today. Americans deceasing and married womans losing their hubbies to violence in war is really seeable and is a negative consequence merely as it is in both pieces of reading. In different eyes of readers these narratives can be said to be similar and different in multiple ways.

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