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Narrative Argument

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What is your purpose in sharing this experience? What questions will you be answering for your audience? How might your audience be sympathetic and/ or resistant to your story’s argument? What is the social context that your story occurs within? For examples of narrative arguments, see Christofis “On the Ground with a ‘Gap Year”‘ essay that starts on page 1 69 in Good Reasons. Also, directly below this file in our Model shell, you’ll see two other examples, including Rowel’s “A Hanging” and Dumas’ fee F Word.

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Narrative Argument
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Com II tries to offer opportunities for you to write about topics with close relevance to your life, rather than a distant, library-based research topic that often results in a patchwork of what other people have to say. The Narrative Argument Essay provides a way to do this. It does not require any research. Instead, it draws on your own first-hand, lived experience for evidence. If you want to use a pertinent statistic or quote, that’s K; however, an essay with extensive research will not meet the essay requirements.

Please use MEAL formatting – Pagination goes in top right

Essay 1 -? Narrative Argumentation –> Alsatian Your Name Day, month, year this draft was created (date will change, depending on draft) Number of words in this draft (not in the assignment). Important Deadlines: Dues. Cot. 14 -? Response Paper 1 due at beginning of class Thru. Cot. 16 Essay 1 peer review workshop. Bring your first draft to class to share. Fri.. Cot. 17 – Optional: Smartening submission/Writing Center session completed Thru. Cot. 23 – Final draft due at beginning of class. Please bring all versions of your essay, as well as other related work such as Workshop responses and

Smartening files, and arrange in chronological order with the earliest work on the bottom and latest version on top. Grading: As with all of our four formal essays, I will be using a rubric to evaluate the final version of your personal essay. Use this rubric to guide you during your writing process. Does It well = 3 Does It = 2 Does It Somewhat = 1 Doesn’t Do It = O Proceed rest: All deadlines met; at least 1 ,OHO words; correct heading and format; Essay AAA, peer responses, Smartening/Writing Center, turning. Com responses are all handed in with final version.

Introduction: Thoughtful and apt title; interesting hook to get readers involved; doesn’t “come out of thin air’ but provides a sense of context; provides (either implicitly or explicitly) a claim; builds ethos toward writer. Organization: internal coherence helps build impact of narrative; transitions lead readers on persuasive journey through the narrative. Body: narrative features used effectively (setting, characters, action, concrete detail, conflict, resolution, time sequencing); specifics contribute to larger goal; each section/episode contributes to overall AOL.

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