Have no fear, Steve Harrison is on the case! Essay

Jim and Ruth Keegan have completed the cover for Steve Harrison’s Casebook. This collection of all the Harrison stories is a companion volume to Tales of Weird Menace. Both volumes are due out soon from the Robert E. Howard Foundation Press. Here are Jim and Ruth’s thoughts on the cover from their blog.

This is the companion volume to Tales of Weird Menace — whose cover appears in our previous post. Since together these two books collect all of REH’s weird menace/yellow peril stories — subjects that are probably most comfortable in their own era — we decided to create a lurid pulp-style cover for the first volume, and a pseudo paperback-style cover for this one.

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Have no fear, Steve Harrison is on the case!
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The original is painted 11?" ? 18″, in oil on an Ampersand Hardbord panel.

While we impatiently wait for Rob to announce he’s ready for pre-orders,we’ll have to be content to peruse the contents of the Casebook.

Introduction by Don Herron
“Lord of the Dead”
“People of the Serpent” (aka “Fangs of Gold”)
“Teeth of Doom” (aka “The Tomb’s Secret”)
“The Black Moon”
“The Voice of Death”
“The House of Suspicion”
“Names in the Black Book”
“The Silver Heel”
“Graveyard Rats”
“The Mystery of Tannernoe Lodge”
Untitled synopsis (“Steve Harrison received a wire.

. .”)
“The Silver Heel” (synopsis)
“Graveyard Rats” (draft)

UPDATE: Pre-orders are now being accepted for shipping in late January 2011.

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