Rhetorical Analysis on Benjamin Banneker’s Letter to Thomas Jefferson

Wet styling word wall (some are my definitions) • Barrel curls -are large, loose ringlets, or spirals, that can be achieved with a curling iron or hair curlers. • Base- the area closet to the scalp, where the rolled is placed. • Carved curls-pin curls sliced from shaping and formed without lifting the hair from the head. • Stand up pin curls-create height in the hair design also known as cascade • Circle-the part of a pin curl that forms a complete circle; the hair that is wrapped around the roller. Closed center curls-pin curls that produce waves that get smaller in size toward the end. • Finger waving-the process of shaping and directing the hair into a pattern of s-shaped waves through use of the fingers, combs, and waving lotion. • Half base-position of a curl or a roller one half off its base, giving medium vol and movement. • Half stem curl-placed half off the base; permits medium movement and gives good control to hair. • Off base-thermal curls placed completely off their base; has only slight lift or volume. On base-position of a curl or roller directly on its base for maximum volume • Open center curls-pin curls that produce even, smooth waves and uniform curls. • Ribboning-techique of forcing the hair between the thumb and the back of the comb to add tension.

• Ridge curls-pin curls place immediately behind or below a ridge to form a wave. • Shaping-a section of hair that is molded in a circular movement in preparation for the formation of curls. • Skip waves-two row of ridge curls usually on the side of the head. Stem-the section of a pin curl between the base and the first turn of the circle ; that gives the circle its direction and movement. • Wrapping-absorbent papers used to control the ends of the hair when wrapping and winding hair on the perm tools. • Pin curls-patterns, lines, waves, curls and rolls that are used in a wide range of hairstyles. • Roller- cylindrical object or the like, upon which hair is rolled  up for setting. • Clock wise-in the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock. Counter clock wise-n a direction opposite to the direction in which the hands of a clock move. • Semi-pin curls- a half pin curl which the curl comes out with less volume. • Flat pin curls- pin curls directly on the scalp. • Brick lay-base sections are offset from each other row by row, to prevent noticeable splits and to blend the flow of the hair. • Mo hawk- a type of hair cut or hairstyle. • Spiral- perms in which the hair is wrapped at an angle other than perpendicular to the length of the tool.

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