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Southeast Asia and Milo Essay

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Chocolate drinks are popular anywhere else in the world. Anyone can drink chocolate, ranging from the infants up to the adults. In the Philippines, chocolate drinks are regarded as one of the fastest developing sectors in terms of off-trade volume (i. e. , from non-audited channels) and current value sales growth in 2007 (www. euromonitor. com). Among the chocolate drinks in the Philippines are Milo, Ovaltine, Chocquik, Sustagen and others. Milo is Nestle’s chocolate beverage which is made up of chocolate and malt.

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Southeast Asia and Milo
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It originated from Australia and is manufactured in several countries like Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Syria and Taiwan. In the Philippines, Milo is unanimously affiliated with sports and energetic activities. It features athletes while highlighting their triumphs and achievements. Milo was framed as your everyday chocolate drink which gives you energy to jumpstart your day.

. Standing in the Mind When people are asked about their preferred chocolate drink, Milo is their top of the mind brand. Milo is said to be a part of every youth’s daily routine. This was a part of Milo’s previous campaign which says, “Milo Everyday” and is deemed to be a successful campaign. Milo has been successful throughout these years and to further analyze its success and its brand affinity with its target consumers, we interviewed (20) people within its target market. The main consumer insight that we gathered is, “You don’t simply become a champion.

You win, you lose, you overcome challenges and that pushes you to become the real champion. ” Another supporting insight says, “Milo is just like you and me. It is about fighting our way up to the top. ” Milo can be affiliated with anyone who possesses the heart of a real champion; one who knows how to stand up and carry on after falling. b. Standing in the Market The top player in the Chocolate Drink Sector in the Philippines is Milo. Many players are present in the market.

These include manufacturers like Nestle Phils. Inc. (Milo), AB Food & Beverages Philippines Inc. (Ovaltine), Columbia Int’l Food Products Inc. (Chocquik), Richland Food Industry Inc. (Rich-O 3-in-1), Mead Johnson (Sustagen Chocolate), and United Laboratories Inc. (Enervon Prime Chocolate). The brands alongside with their market shares are: Milo – 84%, Ovaltine – 10%, Chocquik – 3% and Others – 3% (www. euromonitor. com). Though Milo has numerous competitors, it is still dominant and has the biggest market share among all.

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