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Swot Analysis For Legoland Malaysia Sample

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SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used by companies to measure the strengths. failings. chances and menaces to their concern operation. The SWOT analysis aim is to place the internal and external factors that are favorable to accomplish the aim. The strengths is refer to the features of the concern that give it an advantage over others. while failings is the features that place the concern at a disadvantage relation to others. Opportunities is the elements that the concern could work to its advantages.

The last 1 is menaces which refer to the elements in the environment that could do problem for the concern. The designation of business’s SWOT is of import because the company can inform subsequently stairss in be aftering to accomplish the aim.

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Swot Analysis For Legoland Malaysia Sample
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1. STRENGHTSLEGOLAND Malaysia associated with strong trade name name of Lego. which is one of the leaders in the European plaything market. Because of the Lego trade name is associated with quality and dependability. this will give a positive image that LEGOLAND can utilize to pull visitants to the Parks.

This makes LEGOLAND Malaysia go a popular subject park at short clip. Other than that. LEGOLAND Malaysia besides have really strong selling and advertisement scheme which helps to advance them to the visitants all the clip. LEGOLAND Malaysia associated with large and popular trade name such as Groupon. Amazon and Lazzada by which these trade name will publicize the LEGOLAND Malaysia in their web site by stating visitants about LEGOLAND Malaysia price reduction and publicity particularly during gay season. The handiness of one-year tickets and value base on ballss is the advantage that LEGOLAND Malaysia usage to pull visitants particularly to those who are likely to do multiple visits. For illustration. LEGOLAND Annual Pass allow visitants to see the park once more and once more for a full 12 months. This base on balls gives visitants an excess privileges all twelvemonth about. Visitors besides will acquire price reduction on ware and dining through the base on balls.

The other strengths of LEGOLAND Malaysia is it offers visitants alone experiences. LEGOLAND Malaysia is Malaysia’s first international subject park designed for households and the activities provided challenge imaginativeness. For illustration. LEGOLAND Malaysia is built with over 40 synergistic drives. shows and attractive forces. One of the chief attractive force is the Miniland. There are more than 30 million Lego bricks are used in the edifice of these memorials including the PETRONAS Twin Towers. Taj Mahal and others.

2. WEAKNESSESOne of the failings faced by LEGOLAND Malaysia is its non able to pull many international tourer to see the park. LEGOLAND Malaysia are non popular as the other abroad LEGOLAND subject park. Besides that. the monetary values for adjustment and tickets besides expensive. This might do the visitants to exchange their finish to another subject park. particularly for those that can’t afford it. For illustration. LEGOLAND Malaysia charge for the tickets up to RM150 depends on the values that visitants will have for the ticket they purchased.

3. OPPORTUNITIESOne of the chances for LEGOLAND Malaysia is it can make interaction with other Lego companies. For illustration. it can acquire Lego’s brick supplied for their subject park from local companies that involved in Lego bricks concern or the Lego plaything concern. Other than that. the seasonality besides an chance for LEGOLAND Malaysia. For illustration. there will be immense sum of visitants during the school vacation.

4. MenaceLEGOLAND Malaysia besides have menaces in runing their subject park. Major menace is the rivals. There are other highly popular amusement Parkss in Malaysia which is already good known by Malayan and most international visitants. For illustration. LEGOLAND rivals such as Genting Highlands. and Sunway Lagoon. The other menace is like the conditions. LEGOLAND Malaysia surrounding is really big and spacious and less trees. For illustration. when it come to the monsoon. it make visitants difficult to bask some of the activities because of the rain. And when it’s come to hot. the conditions is truly scorching hot for the out-of-door activities. Besides that. a bad new that spread by visitants that had a negative experiences during their visits to LEGOLAND Malaysia besides can go a menace for LEGOLAND Malaysia. It is because people more trust to word of oral cavity particularly if it come from their relations or close friends.

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