The Borrowed Years

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            Richard M. Ketchum, one of the most prolific and reputable authors of all time whose works and compositions are exceptionally outstanding in providing the broad range of readers with books that are superbly written to educate and inform. Broadly known for his passion in writing historical narratives such as revolutionary wars and bloodshed battles, most of his collections of published books mainly highlight a number of significant social events and classical occurrence of wars that have direct impacts in shaping the civilization of humankind in the twentieth century.

Fixed and constructed within his fair and rational way of thinking, most of Richard M. Ketchum’s ideas and information presented in most of his books are positioned to enlighten the truth and authenticity of stories of specific events that have occurred in the past.

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            Dedicated, passionate and credible — perhaps this is the most positive and sincere characteristics that describes Richard M. Ketchum, as a writer and a devoted educator of most of the momentous narratives in the past that entails significant meaning in the human society today. From small isolated events to bigger devastating battles between different countries and to specific individuals that have left great legacy for the people, the books and works of Richard M. Ketchum are widely recognized and honored in such a way that these compositions are regarded as comprehensive references of history and a log of multiple writings that renders credits to the importance of these stories and prominent people in history.

For so many years, Richard M. Ketchum has written and built a compilation of historical readings of about twenty six published full-length books that mostly enlightens the battles and wars that the United States of America has faced in the history of its reputation as one of the strongest and most influential country in the world.

              The book entitled “The borrowed years, 1938-1941: America on the way to war” is regarded as one of the most important books of the author, Richard M. Ketchum, in his career as a writer and historian. This book further reveals and strengthens the credibility of Richard M. Ketchum in his writing and assessment with regard to many of the revolutionary wars and battles of the United States that happened in the past.. As for this book, the author received the broad approval of many readers, especially the people who have lived during these historical years that Ketchum has done the right and appropriate documentation of truth with regard to America’s passage towards war.

More so, it is observable that this book of Ketchum remains to be of the most functional readings that highlights the major happenings and military activities in the year 1938 up the earl y 1940’s, which have build up towards the start of participation of the United States of America in the hostilities of World War II. This is mainly because the author, Richard Ketchum, has rendered definite details with regard to various major assaults and atrocities against the United States, as the probable actions that have trigger the submission of United States Military Forces to World War II. In addition to this, through this book, the author has also touched the participation of major personalities and countries that have direct participation in the formation of extensive conflicts between different parties.

Based on the way the book is written and presented, it is of higher grounds that this book of Richard M. Ketchum mainly aims to a broad range of audiences and readers as the author has done a diverse technique in presenting his ideas and assessment of the events that have happened during these years. With the approach of the author’s writing style of being keen in incorporating valuable details, it can be said that this book is partly positioned for probable academic purposes with possible target audiences of history teachers and students not only for the subject history but also for different field of interest, as this book also discusses the narratives of social, political and ethical context in the past.

With the comprehensiveness and well researched writing style which the author has shown for this book, it is of logical thinking that this reading targets the broad range of readers who have the same passion and enthusiasm to know more about history, more especially about the historical events that have taken place before World War II has started, as this book depicts a diverse and complete picture to which the author called as “The Borrowed Years” before America complied to the call of War.

More so, this book also seeks for the attention of the war veterans and those people who have lived during these years in the United States, as this accordingly highlights and pays tribute to the heroes of American people who have participated in war and recognized the difficulties of life in America throughout this trying moment. Also, this book aims for the readers who have survived and witnessed the hostilities before and during the World War II, as this invigorates the particular events and instances that have drawn their love for the country and toughness as an individual. Nonetheless, it can also be said that the this book targets other historians and writers with the same interest, as this reading also provides a comprehensive record of events during the time of great uncertainty in the United States position to war and serve as a credible reference for the topic.

            With the consideration of researching and gathering of credible sources in writing this kind of history book, it is apparent that the author ha done a great job in gathering information and sources for this reading, as seen evident in the book. Partly included in that generation, Richard M. Ketchum’s personal encounters with different people who have directly experienced the hostilities and have lived prior to the moment the United States has declared their participation in the World War II, is indeed essential source of information in writing this book.

Through the use of other memoir about the focus of the book and the use of interviews with credible personalities who have definite participation to the events that have took place before the World War II, the author has indeed utilized a purposeful research method in depicting and enlightening these moment of history in the United States as well as in supporting his ideas and arguments.

            Extensively known as a credible writer and a prolific historian, it can be said that the position of the author, Richard M. Ketchum, in this book is to draw a clear picture and awareness to the moment where the United States is experiencing uncertainties and building up suspicions against other forces, prior to the time when the World War II has started. More so, it is as well observable that the author’s inclination for this book is to highlight and recognize the reasons and events that have furnished the decision of United States Federal Government to finally send their military forces to war and attend to the plead of allies for armed assistance in the second World War.

            Moreover, drawing a definite connection between the readers and his illustration of the particular events that have happened before the World War II is the main intention of the author, as he widely utilizes his own personal recollection in this specific moment as a student in Yale College, a well respected institution in the United States. Hence, providing a new look and different assessment with regard to the violence and negative impacts of World War II in the United States is a probable aim of the author for this reading, as he mainly concentrates in discussing the picture of chaos and conflict prior to the actual occurrence of atrocities in World War II.

            From a personal point of view, it can be said that the decision of United States and its national leaders during those years to finally commit the participation of the country to War is timely and of highly reasonable grounds as violence is starting to hit America and harm the American people.

More so, it is regarded that the participation of United States in World War II is a strong declaration of the country’s position to defend the people against the aggression of evil empires, which accordingly draws the extensive Military power of America and rejuvenates the meaning of American patriotism.

Politically, it is understandable that the United States has only decided to respond to the call of war after the devastating assault like the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This is mainly because, United States, as a military powerful country, sees the need to carefully determine first the purpose and worth of declaring a war.

            Lastly, it is apparent that the author’s viewpoint in writing this book is influenced and inspired through his own accounts and experiences during this moment, where the tension of the impending war is building up. Nonetheless, it is apparent that the author has done a great job in delivering his purpose for this book and providing the people a plausible reading about this subtle era in the United States before the World War II.


Ketchum, R. (1989). The borrowed years, 1938-1941: America on the way to war. New York: Random House.


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