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The Last Conquistador

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The Last Conquistador In the movie The Last Conquistador, there is a controversy going on between John Houser, a sculpture who successfully attempted to create and mount the tallest bronze equestrian statue in the world, and people who funded the building of the statue and Native Americans living in Texas. The Native Americans don’t want the statue of a long-forgotten Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate, branded a terrorist and a genocidal architect by some, to be built.

The Native Americans think that Juan de Oñate is anything to celebrate.

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The Last Conquistador
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He killed thousands of the Native Americans’ ancestors and took their lands. While the Native Americans have their points, Houser and his helpers are trying to help out the city of El Paso, Texas. El Paso Texas is one of the poorest cities in the United States. With Houser Building this statue, Revenue from tourists would help the city out. I honestly think that in this situation, everyone needs to understand where everyone else is coming from.

The statue was not meant to be demeaning to the Native Americans in anyway and it is a beautiful piece of art that is very well sculpted. But then again, Houser should have done his research and understood how bad of a man Oñate was and realized that putting that statue up where eighty percent of the people living there are of Native American decent wasn’t a good idea. Even though the Oñate statue is beautiful, I believe it should have never gone up in the first place.

Erika Schnabel Language Arts 11B 17 September 2012 The Last Conquistador: Research Paper In the movie The Last Conquistador, there is a statue of Juan de Oñate being built in El Paso, Texas. The Native Americans within the El Paso region are very upset because of what Juan de Oñate did in the past to the present day Native Americans’ ancestors. Juan de Oñate was a Mexican conquistador who founded many settlements in the Southwest region.

The Acoma tribe was the tribe that he most devastatingly hurt. He demanded from the Acoma that they teach him how to survive through the winter. The Acoma people resisted. A war broke out and twelve Spaniards were killed. His soldiers killed eight hundred villagers, including men, women and children. They enslaved the remaining, and by Juan de Oñate ruling, they amputated the left foot of every Acoma man over the age of twenty-five. Eighty men had one of their feet amputated.

While on his conquest, he tried to convert the Indians to Catholicism. Juan de Oñate’s main reason for conquering was for resources such as gold and silver. Juan de Oñate explored the areas of current day Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas. He wanted to find a route to the South Sea. He had a settlement at San Juan that he was governor of but later, he was charged of misconduct in office. Obviously, this man wasn’t the best man in the world and I do not think he should be honored.

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