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The Great Filipino Dr. Jose Rizal has left me astounded with his accomplishments since his childhood: he was an artisan. a adult male of cognition and admiration. a linguist. a gentleman. a maestro in every trade. non to advert his 100s of accomplishments and profession. with a miracle of how he had attained all of this in his short life span. There could be none left that can non be attributed to him. unless he could besides hold been a adult female one time in his life. Yet the most unusual rubric I heard given to him by a smattering of people truly caught my attending. The Great Rizal. was besides but a Nostradamus in the devising? Then he was a physician and craftsman ; next he was a great psychic. a visionary. even a prophesier! Interesting it was. This article he wrote in La Solidaridad gave me quite a splash. I was chew overing: is it true? Is this the article that. shall state. predicted the hereafter of the Philippines in his old ages? I was ready to immerse into his head. into his cherished mind. ready to accept whatever pieces of fact that will do him. our national hero. more of a human being that he was. I read the article. rather impressed of the heavy rubric as it summarizes what may the whole thing is all about.

However. to state honestly. the drawn-out article didn’t give me a feeling of first-come-first-serve exhilaration. It did. if non. gave me a sense of historical nostalgia. I was caught up by what he wrote that “in order to read the fate of a people. it is necessary to open the book of its past” . It was a strong statement. and needed a logical point of position. As much was said. the Philippines was a battlefield of the clang of civilizations. of blending of races and of pathetic bloodshed. Rizal in his ain words painted the image of our past clearly ; the deepness of his Hagiographas was cogent evidence of much heartache and much work. He could hold overreacted in stating his narratives. but the following coevals Filipinos understood the adversities of their sires. It can be considered that the people had had adequate war. that they longed peace. and that they ne’er stopped trusting for felicity and the right to populate in their ain contentment. What supplied Rizal of the bosom for passion for his state became his primary mission to salvage from the panic and dictatorship of the cruel Spaniards. Rizal was a boy of liberalism. Though he did non O.K. of much force. he chose to be argus-eyed by agencies of his ways of authorship.

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With his researches on universe history. he understood the form of cause and consequence. and how it has affected and changed the whole universe. The facts and figures of one’s country’s history could be a tendency that a state like the Philippines may take class. In this context. I think the thought of Rizal being a prophesier is obscure any longer. Science and logic were step ining. His allusion of the past Philippines to the narrative of Sancho Panza gave me the flicker of thought that Rizal was non really vaticinating ; alternatively. what he was stating in his article was but an analysis. Something which was non normally done in his clip. for the forms he used were normally for scientific discipline experiments. where intelligent conjectures were made from observation. He merely carefully observed the present and past state of affairs of our beloved Motherland. and from so “predicted” our hereafter. He dauntlessly told the populace of the programs of domination of other states.

From my ain point of position. these expoundings were Rizal’s ain look of three things: put ining fright on the current government of Spanish dictatorship for them to wing off from the state ; showing unhappiness and failure. that even if Spain let loose clasp of the Philippines. there will be other states in the universe that are ready to take clasp of our state ; or possibly Rizal was even giving a intimation of hope to the Filipinos that Oklahoman or subsequently. a great state will salvage their state from the oppressive regulation of Spain. How this article was made gave its reader a intimation of the author’s idea. It was full of revery and passion: every sentence and thoughts expressed discontent of the writer from dictatorship. and his yearning for something to make for his fatherland. There could besides be a possibility that the conjectures he made was but a hopeless act of zealousness to the state. that he was holding psychotic beliefs and might hold been on the brink of giving everything up. Yet there was still a factor of good logical thinking that led him to believe of these psychotic beliefs.

There was besides another thing that I think the article was seeking to state. How one shall read this article must construe it as non merely as mere words but full of message for our ain coevals. I wrote earlier that there were forms that make the universe go on altering. History repeats itself ; history may hold repeated itself a 100 times now. But today’s conflict was non the same conflict our sires were contending earlier. It is now a message with an purpose of giving a warning. The colonisation by the Spaniards which started four centuries ago is now parallel to the colonisation of foreign heads of our countrymen.

Most of us Filipinos are now enslaved by stuffs from other states. that we neglect the wealths of our ain. Merely as Rizal has thought of salvaging our ascendants. many modern Rizal’s will get down to salvage our vanishing civilization. Everyone does non necessitate to be a psychic to cognize what will go on. The Filipinos are now intelligent. It’s merely a affair of taking which manner to take: a manner likewise to what Rizal and many of our heroes had taken or another manner of allowing things be. The article was tactful. as expected. It opened to me the idea of Rizal. non a prophesier and visionary. but merely a normal adult male. Yet he was. no uncertainty. a mastermind. His inventiveness transcends through clip. which finally make him a “prophet” . He was a Great Filipino Genius. It’s the most appropriate rubric to be given to him.

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