A Word from the Outer Dark: A New Book of Howard Poetry Essay

Project Pride of Cross Plains, Texas, the community organization directly responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the Robert E. Howard Museum, has announced the publication of A Word from the Outer Dark.

This nifty little paperback tome is a generous collection of 100 poems by Robert E. Howard, and pretty well covers the broad scope of Howard’s poetic greatness: heroic, history, horror, love, self-reflection, boxing, humor, Texas and the Old West – all this and more is represented here.  Visit the Howard Works website for a complete contents listing.

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A Word from the Outer Dark: A New Book of Howard Poetry
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Props go out to Paul Herman for getting this book out, with the assistance of Rob Roehm for the restored texts (taken from The Collected Poems of Robert E. Howard from the REH Foundation Press), Dennis McHaney for his graphics wizardry, and David Burton for a bang-up cover painting.

This 5?7, 213 page volume  is now available exclusively from the Robert E. Howard Museum, for the extraordinary price of $15.00, plus a $2.00 S/H fee. If you can’t wait for REH Days to buy your copy directly at the House, you can order them via mail from Project Pride, POB 534, Cross Plains, Texas 76443.

Do your part and buy the book knowing the proceeds will go toward maintaining the Howard House Museum.

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