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Comparison between Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King

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King Pick two authors from the gothic portion of literature and compare/ contrast them. By Walkthlsway442 Comparisons can be made between everyone in the world, whether it be a man, woman, child, or animal. In this sense, one can compare authors, such as their lives, their styles of writing, and their pieces of literature. There are many similarities and differences between Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. These saltcellars and differences include what they focus on in their writings, how they write, and what hey believe in.

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Comparison between Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King
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The lives and beliefs of Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King can be shown in the pieces they wrote. Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King have similar beliefs and similar Items that their stories are about. But Poe and King focus on death and evil In their writings. In Pope’s short story “Masque of the Red Death”, there Is a plague that was bestowed upon the world, killing endless amounts of lives. Some, such as Prince Prosper, took in certain people, mainly their closest friends.

But even as they took refuge death inevitably prevailed and all were killed.

Poe has focused on death in his pieces of literature because of his horrible life. Many who were close to him died, and most of his life he was forced to support himself. Stephen King also wrote a short story that focused on death. In his story “Man In the Black Suit”, the mall character, Gary, has an encounter with the Devil. Although he escapes, he states that still at the age of eighty-one, when the rest of society feels there is no reason to fear the Devil, he is deathly afraid. King focuses on death and evil because he likes to write about those sorts of things.

Both King and Poe put common beliefs in the stories they write. Another thing that Poe and King had In common was another belief. They believe that evil will conquer all and will always prevail. In Pope’s poem “City In the Sea”, Death rules over the underwater city. All who is good or bad, rich or poor come to this city when they die. In the end, unfortunately, Hell will rise up and prevail over all. Pope’s tragic life led him to believe in this depressing way. King also shares this belief with Poe. In his story “Man in the Black Suit”, Gary escapes from the Devil.

Although e escaped physically, the Devil trapped him mentally and emotionally, and ultimately evil prevailed. King enjoys writing about these depressing things simply because it pleasures him. Poe and King use equal beliefs and styles into their writing. Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe also have many differences. Stephen King is more of a modern writer. He writes with a modern language, which for us today is easier to understand and follow what he Is saying. He Is much younger and writes like most do ay Poe on ten toner nana, Is an older writer Ana uses an older Engel’s language, which makes his writing a bit harder to follow and understand.

He is from a much older time and from that time most stories were written in that way. Another difference between these two authors is their supernatural usage and beliefs. In Pope’s “Fall of the House of Usher”, he portrays the house to be alive, and to be very evil. King on the other hand uses a religious approach to the supernatural. In his story, “Man in the Black Suit”, the Devil comes to Gary, talks to him, and chases him. Both use the approach of using supernatural beings in their stories, but in different ways.

Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King have shown their beliefs and life through their talents of writing. Both these authors have similarities and differences as were shown. Poe and King both focus highly on evil and death in their pieces. They also shared the same belief that evil will always prevail. Their differences included King’s usage of modern English and Pope’s usage of an older English. They also differed in their usage of supernatural beings in their stories. Although King and Poe have many similarities and differences, they are both amazing authors known to the world.

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