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Introduction of AYS Fridge Co

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Introduction of AYS Fridge Co
AYS is a private limited Company; it was established by two brothers Mr.Abdul Rauf and Mr. Abdul Ghafoor nearly forty years before as a dealer in fridges. The first store was opened in Khyber Bazaar Peshawar. After that when their two sons Mr. Aamir Rauf and Mr. Adeel Rauf grown up then they are appointed as the Board of Directors and the circle of the business operation was extended to many other business product and established other business strategic units.

AYS has an interesting background behind its name, as this is a joint family organization and the name of the company is made from three English letters “A”, “Y “, “S”. The names of all the male elders of family start with the letter “A”. The names of all the male young members of the coming generation start with the letter “Y”, where the letter “S” represents all the female of this family. So in this way AYS represent all the members of the family.

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Introduction of AYS Fridge Co
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AYS has different strategic business units (SBUs) serving the community for the last 40 years of excellence performance. AYS fridge co. is the one of successful SBU of AYS group. It is an electric appliances supplier company in Peshawar and Lahore.
AYS Fridge co. is enjoying a good position in the market because it serves the customers with their possible facilities of price and quality.
AYS Fridge co. has established well-decorated and well-equipped stores in different parts of Peshawar and Lahore. It deals with nearly all electronic home appliances of every brand with numerous varieties and qualities, like freezers, fridge, Air conditioners, fans, televisions, audio/video players, washing machines etc.
The AYS Fridge co was enjoying its monopoly in the market of Peshawar before 2008 while in Lahore it is still in tough competition with to cover major market share. AYS not only give preference to its customers but it also takes great care of their staff. To run the smooth business and to create friendly environment AYS always.

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