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Evolution And History Of Indian Tobacco Company Tourism

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    Indian Tobacco Company as we know it has went through a figure of alterations since T was incorporated. This alteration has besides affected its name. it was ab initio know as the Imperial Tobacco Company and was incorporated on August 24 1910. Latter on the name was changed to Indian Tobacco Company in the twelvemonth 1040 and the subsequently on it was changed to I.T.C. in the twelvemonth 1947. The alteration on the company ‘s name did halt here, subsequently on in the twelvemonth 2001 on September 18 all the full Michigan in the company ‘s name were removed therefore is it now know as ITC limited.

    The company has diversified in a batch of field of concern, which have now become a section for it. They are as follows: –


    Life manner retailing.


    Cigarettes and baccy.

    Information and engineering.


    Paperboards and forte documents.



    Education and letter paper.

    Personal attention.

    The company did non get down on a really large graduated table but nevertheless it did get down on a really low start in Kolkata. The company nevertheless subsequently started to spread out itself and did so with a batch of success. The one basic key t its success was that of variegation and it diversified due to the undermentioned grounds in the context of hotels: –

    Profits- the degree of net incomes for ITC in the hotel industry which has grown up to Rs.216.64 corer. Therefore the concern seems to be making good and it shows the degree of public presentation in the industry.

    Operations-ITC has been running it ‘s hotels operations with a batch of efficiency and this can be really good substantiated by the undermentioned awards and enfranchisement that it has received on a planetary degree, they are as follows: –

    ITC has got the evaluation of LEED Platinum evaluation and on a planetary degree it has got the highest green edifice enfranchisement.

    When it comes to the Galileo-express travel universe award 2006 and 2008 it has got the best hotel Prime Minister trade name award.

    The ministry of touristry gave ITC the best “ eco-friendly hotel ” award in the twelvemonth 2007.

    ITC sonar a hotel located in Kolkata has been rated as the best hotel by the Associations of British Travel Agents.

    British council has given ITC Maurya “ the blade ” thrice and it is the merely award to acquire this award.

    Employment opportunity- even though there are a figure of physicians and applied scientists, the hotel industry has become a major beginning for non merely giving direct but indirect employment chances besides. This is as follows: –

    Direct employment- there are a figure of station that are available in the hotel industry for example- servers, nutrient and drinks director, front desk, hose maintaining and so on. Therefore when a hotel comes into being it provides employment to so many people of the economic system.

    Indirect employment- in the hotel industry there are a figure O providers that provide the hotel with the coveted resources that it needs and it non merely provides employment to them but besides to the workers and other people that such providers handle.

    With the aid of this chart it can is clearly possible to understand as to how the hotel industry provides occupations to immense portion of the population.

    Boom in the industry- in the recent old ages the hotel industry has witnessed a roar this majorly happened due to the growing rate and the roar that the retail industry was besides traveling through and of class the rise in the touristry industry that the county went through.

    Future prospects- the Indian hotel industry seems to hold a bright and steady hereafter in front for itself, it can be said due to the undermentioned reasons-

    It is estimated that there will about 4.4 million tourers who will see India at a steady growing rate of 12 % in the following few old ages.

    It is estimated that there will about 40 international trade names in Indian by 2011.

    Government contribution- the authorities has been assisting in the growing and roar of the hotel industry by establishing its really good cognize runs which are as follows-

    “ Incredible India ” run has been able to pull a batch of tourers which are attracted to India.

    “ Atithi Devo Bhava ” this run launched by the Indian authorities has helped non merely increase the international touristry but besides helped the domestic touristry to increase.

    Social empowerment- ITC has been working on the societal forepart besides by establishing a figure of strategies which are aiming a batch of the developing sector of the economic system. It can understood by the undermentioned chart-

    Social accomplishments

    e – Choupal

    4 million husbandmans empowered,

    6,500 e – Choupals installed

    Social & A ; Farm Forestry

    111,578 hectares greened,

    bring forthing 50.20 million individual – yearss of employment

    Watershed Development

    56,171 hectares

    brought under dirt and wet preservation

    Women ‘s Authorization

    11,822 adult females members

    863 self – aid groups

    Livestock Development

    176 Cattle Development Centres

    3,520 small towns covered yearly

    Primary Education

    244,547 kids covered

    through 2,334 Supplementary Learning Centres

    Note: – ( 1 )

    World ranking- as per the travel and touristry fight study 2009 prepared by the universe economic forum India is traveling to lift go be the 11th most coveted tourer finish and 62nd globally. In footings for being a tourer finish it ranks 14th and 24th in footings of tourer finish in footings of civilization. Thus ITC is bound to hold

    GDP contribution- harmonizing to the section of industrial policy and publicity the GDP part by the hotel and touristry industry from April 2000 to September 2010 is 2.17 billion USD. Thus ITC is in a industry that is turning and doing a batch of part in the GDP and this part is turning with clip at a changeless and steady rate.

    Governmental support- the authorities of India is back uping the hotel industry by the undermentioned way-

    Establishing strategy to supply tourer visa on reaching for the citizens of Finland, Japan and Luxemburg, Singapore and New Zealand.

    During the period of January 2010 to October 2010 the authorities has issued 5016 visas on reaching.

    Therefore ITC acquiring a batch of aid from the authorities by doing certain that the international visitants are able to remain and bask India and at the same clip besides continue to doing continues part to the GDP.

    Types of hotel- ITC has a figure of hotels which belong to assorted class and they are able to supply service to the assorted types of clients that ITC has, for example-

    Luxury hotels-

    TC Maurya in Delhi.

    TC Maratha in Mumbai.

    ITC Sonar in Kolkata.

    ITC Grand Central in Mumbai merely to call a few.

    Welcome hotels-

    Welcome hotel Rama international.

    Welcome hotel Vadodara.

    Welcome expansive bay.

    These hotels are five leading hotels and provide the premium clients.

    welcome heritage-

    it is mix of havelis, garrisons that have been converted into hotels and are soon located in the undermentioned locations-

    Madhya Pradesh.


    Himachal Pradesh and so on.

    ITC hence takes attention that it is able to carter the demands of all types f clients that can be offered services.

    Bibliography –

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    Conclusion- ITC is no other than any other industry runing in the field of hotel and touristry and s therefore vulnerable to the assorted elements that are help form it and play a critical function in the formation and growing of any industry. But ne’er the less ITC has grown a batch in the old old ages and has been making good in this venture which is comparatively new for it. ITC has therefore become a really open uping institutes non merely in the hotel industry but in many other Fieldss that is has diversified into, and due to do itself more strong and powerful it took the measure to diversify itself and entered new Fieldss with new elements to manage and new challenges to face.

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