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Fitzgerald and the “American Dream”

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According to F. Scott Fitzgerald the American Dream was unattainable. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald gives us a glimpse into the life of the high class during the twenties through the eyes of Nick Caraway, the narrator of the novel. The American Dream has become a superficial environment in which people do not understand what Is reality and what Is fiction. The life In New York City during the twenties also has an Impact on the way the dream changed.

The Dream would become corrupted because of society in the twenties.

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Lastly the American Dream was not all superficial, to some people the “American Dream” is freedom. The American Dream started off as the dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It originated from the Declaration of Independence. Even though people are still worried about money and materialistic objects such as, Jewelry, the newest cellophane, toys, TV’s, etc. Superficial environment Is one of the many reasons the American Dream ended.

All people cared about were the parties, who knew who, ND social status. Money also became an issue, whoever had the most money apparently had the American Dream or whomever owned the nicest car, house, hosted the best parties. Fitzgerald believed this was “the destruction of the American Dream” (Papas Acacia 1). The amount of artificial people during the twenties was outshining. The New Yorkers, no one was real with each other. Fake love, fake hate, no one knew who was friends with who, almost how It Is now. The cosmopolitan life In New York city” (Fitzgerald), by saying this Fitzgerald means that New York is a very advanced itty, therefore people are not sure how to react to such drastic changes. Fitzgerald demonstrates how a dream can become corrupted by ones focus on acquiring wealth, power and expensive clothes, cars, jewelry, houses, parties, etc… Gatsby dream “is a naive dream based on the fallacious assumption that material possessions are synonymous with happiness, harmony, and beauty” (Fay 70). HIS American Dream has become corrupted by the culture of wealth and opulence that surrounds him.

Gatsby is a “newly rich,” and his romantic view of wealth has not repaired him for the self-interested, snobbish, corrupt group of people with which he comes to associate. He throws lavish parties for countless people, yet only has one friend. Gatsby buys expensive cars, clothes, houses, etc… And entertains large groups of society because of his Incommunicable desire for love, or some kind of happiness. The last time Nick sees Gatsby alive, he tells him, “They’re a rotten crowdћ. You’re the whole damn bunch put together” (Fitzgerald 162).

The one that means the most, if not the most important dream of all, is the ream of freedom. For some people their American Dream is simply being able to be in a free country. Maybe even to get a Job and earn enough money to buy themselves what the people want. To be able to say “Yeah, I earned this, and worked hard for this. ” To be able to have some sort of satisfaction for what the people have achieved. Or restraint. Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government. It is through his “dealings with high society’ (Papas Acacia 1) that readers are shown how much the American Dream has diminished.

Ultimately, the American dream was destroyed because of the people due to their beliefs and materialistic needs. Although people might think differently about what their opinion on the American dream is, each individual is the only one who can make their own dream. The American dream was destroyed little by little. One of those destructions was due to materialistic means. People also played a big role in the ending of the American dream. The way they treated others. The corruption of the American dream. All these reasons added up to create the corruption of the American dream.

Although there was much destruction, people still believe in the American dream as something good nowadays, like freedom. The American dream may still exist for some people out there. Although Fitzgerald believed it was over does not mean it is over in everyone else.

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