The Parallels Between Dexter’s Dream and the Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald Sample

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Although Dexter’s dream analogues to that of the American Dream. Fitzgerald presents this thought of idealism in a negative sense. stating that in world accomplishing this dream is impossible. The American Dream can be defined merely as the American ideal of populating a happy and successful life. However each individual has their ain idealistic perceptual experience of this dream. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams” obtaining Judy Jones allows for Dexter Green to accomplish his dream. Fitzgerald portrays this state of affairs so frequently because of non merely the clip period and scene of the narrative. but besides that of the author’s ain life and personal experiences.

The Origin of Dexter’s dream hints back every bit far as his childhood. It all started when Dexter. age 14. who worked as a caddy at the Sherry Island Golf Club met the object of his fondness. immature Miss. Judy Jones. This dream began on the twenty-four hours that immature Dexter discontinue his caddy occupation and “The small miss who had done this was eleven-beautifully ugly as small miss are disposed to be who are destined after a few old ages to be inexpressibly lovely and convey no terminal of wretchedness to a great figure of work forces. ” ( Fitzgerald 588 ) Judy Jones. a rich small miss who grew up around material things. will merely populate in this high category sort of life style and Dexter knows that a hapless caddy can non win her over. This state of affairs presents itself in Fitzgerald’s ain life. While stationed a ground forces cantonment near Montgomery. Fitzgerald fell in love with “eighteen-year-old Zelda Sayre. the youngest girl of an Alabama Supreme Court Judge” ( A Brief Life of Fitzgerald ) . Fitzgerald shortly asks for Zelda’s manus in matrimony nevertheless “Unwilling to wait while Fitzgerald succeeded in the advertizement concern and unwilling to populate on this little wage. Zelda broke their engagement” ( A Brief Life of Fitzgerald ) . This event causes Dexter’s dream to get down its growing and although this dream began in his childhood it continues to turn throughout his life.

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Throughout the center of this short narrative. Dexter’s dream grows well through several meetings with the much older and more mature Judy Jones. several old ages after his occupation as a caddy. Since that first occupation. he has done many fantastic things with his life most notably he started a concatenation of washs that made him celebrated with the higher societal category of that clip and most significantly highly affluent. At this point in clip Dexter Green meets Judy once more. foremost at the golf class and once more that dark on the lake. This meeting at the lake presents itself as the most of import beginning factor to the growing of Dexter’s dream. During this brush Judy invites Dexter to dinner with her the following dark and “his bosom turned over like the flywheel of the boat. and. for the 2nd clip. her insouciant caprice gave a new way to his life. ” ( Fitzgerald 592 ) After this important meeting. Dexter and Judy continue seeing and wooing each other “with changing sunglassess of strength on such a note right up to the clip of denouement” ( Fitzgerald 594 ) Again. this state of affairs besides parallels with the life of Fitzgerald. Like Dexter. Fitzgerald besides finds himself as a affluent adult male after printing his book This Side of Paradise. doing Fitzgerald to go celebrated about over dark. A hebdomad subsequently he married Zelda and the jobs began.

In the terminal Dexter’s life becomes world and through the loss of his idealistic dream he realizes that he could ne’er accomplish his American Dream. He losingss this dream when he meets Devlin who tells him about Judy’s destiny. Dexter learns from Devlin that Judy Jones married an opprobrious hubby. spends her clip taking attention of her kids. and most significantly lost her beauty. At this Dexter knows “the Dream was gone. Something had been taken from him. ” ( Fitzgerald 601 ) Again this event parallels the life of Fitzgerald and Zelda. Throughout the old ages after their matrimony both Fitzgerald and Zelda suffer from imbibing jobs which lead to contending in their relationship. Zelda’s actions become more and more bizarre over the old ages and finally necessitate psychiatric intervention. After her first major dislocation Fitzgerald loses Zelda for good. She spends the remainder of her life as a occupant of insane refuges.

As one can obviously see. Fitzgerald molded the extraordinary narrative “Winter Dreams” after his ain life and times. by frequently mentioning to occurrences in his ain life white somewhat falsifying the inside informations. Although while mirroring his ain life Fitzgerald besides integrates the traditional idealistic American Dream yet he does this in a negative manner. Using all of these facets allows the writer to craft a creditable and applaudable narrative. “Winter Dreams” .

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