Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein by Mary Shelley” Argumentative Essay

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Robert Walton writes legion letters to his sister. who is soon in England about his enterprises at the North Pole. He is presently stuck as the H2O has since been overridden by ice. doing it impossible for him and his crew to go on his unsafe mission. Although his advancement was positive at the beginning. he is now unable to travel frontward because of the ice. It is during this period that the captain meets with Victor. who has been weakened by the ice and is about dead of cold. Walton the nurses Victor back to wellness. and hears the narrative about the monster that master has created. Victor. who is a superb adult male. has discovered the secret of life itself and had accordingly created his ain monster. but as a consequence of his actions. he fears that the monster will destroy the lives of the people he cares about every bit good as his.

Character Development. Victor. his Father and the Monster

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At the beginning. Victor is an guiltless loving male child who is full of life and surrounded by loved 1s. As a immature male child. he lives with his male parent. dramas with his brother and friend and besides loves his future married woman Elizabeth. The bend of events occurs when victor’s glare in chemical science and his wonder about life forces him to recreate a dead organic structure. Throughout the novel. master alterations step by measure and the heartache he encounters due to the loss of loved 1s fuel his bosom with hatred and compunction. From a immature scientist filled with chances of great hereafter to a guilt-ridden adult male filled with choler and retaliation.

As a immature male child. master spent his young person in Geneva. His life as a immature individual was carry throughing with the loving accompany of his loving sister Elizabeth and his best friend Henry. Upon being of age. Victor enrolls at the University of Ingolstadt. where he surveies chemical science and natural doctrine. Bing a oddity and superb individual. he is overwhelmed by the unknown cognition of life and. hence. revolts his life to happening the true beginning of life. Victor so spends his whole clip in research with the hope to detect the secret of life. After many old ages of research. he is able to detect the rudimentss of life. Harmonizing to ( Janowitz and William 938 ) . Victor’s aspiration to make life blinds the moral duties that he should hold felt about making a monster without human emotion and features.

Noteworthy. Victor does non measure the effects that might originate as a consequence of his action. He merely spends clip making a animal with the cognition that he has gained. He uses dead parts of a human organic structure to set together the animal and reanimates him subsequently. The animal. nevertheless. does non look every bit appealing as he expected. The sight of him fills Victor with horror and disgust. Victor is disappointed with his work and becomes disdainful of the animal. With the animal seeking to understand the significance of the behaviour being exhibited by his Godhead. master becomes more afraid and tallies from him scared and contrite. Harmonizing to Vargo ( 417 ) the usage of dead parts to make a living thing sheds message that the expected creative activity would non behavior like a normal individual. Victor should hold recognized that his enterprise would merely take to more decease.

After creative activity of the monster. he feels contrite and decides to return place. Woolley ( 46 ) observes that his wish to return place would possibly reconnect him after losing touch with humanity. So. he decides that since the monster has disappeared. he should besides return to his household to nurse his compunction and hapless wellness back to normal. However. master receives an unexpected missive from his male parent explicating that his brother has been murdered. Victor now rushes place. remorseful as of all time to back up his household at this minute of heartache. As he is about to get. he sees the monster he created looming the forests where is brother was killed. With this cognition. Victor believes that the monster must hold killed him. To do affairs worse. Victor arrives to happen that his adoptive sister. a soft and sort individual. is being accused of the offense that his monster Dis. She is accordingly executed although Victor knows the existent liquidator. Victor now grows more contrite and guilty for his actions because he knows that his actions have led t the decease of two of his darling 1s. Harmonizing to 5865. this is the point where Victor begins to acquire sense of the effects of his actions. He created decease. so decease follows him.

Levine ( 490 ) notes that people tend to run off from their actions’ results after they see that they are non desirable. Alternatively of covering with the state of affairs. Victor grief overpowers him and he is unable to defy the sorrow at his place at Geneva. He decides that it is best to remain off from place by taking a holiday in the mountains ; since he knows that the monster is likely tracking him ; he knows that by remaining off from place the monster would besides follow him. and leave the household entirely. While at the mountains. the monster attacks Victor and attempts to implore for attending. It is apparent that the monster is disappointed by the fact that Victor left it after creative activity. He admits to killing Victor’s brother. and asks that Victor understand his grounds. He says that the decease of Victor’s brother William was a payback for go forthing him to decompose. With this. he asks master to make another one like him so that he can be happy around person who understood him. and who would non abandon him like Victor did. He says ;

“‘I am entirely and suffering: adult male will non tie in with me ; but one as deformed and atrocious as myself would non deny herself to me. My comrade must be of the same species and have the same defects. This being you must create’” ( Shelley and Maurice 129 ) .

His action of moving God. which is pure inhumanness. hangouts him from the minute he creates the monster. His compulsion to move as a Godhead eventually ruins his life every bit good as the lives of the people that he cares about. Finally. Victor alterations from a human with feelings to go a individual without feelings merely as the animal that he created. The rudimentss of human feeling are household and friends. The monster. seeing that master does non care about him. sought to do him like he is. in an attempt to do Victor understand the state of affairs of being in purdah.

With this. Victor falls for the monsters please and weighs the odds of making a 2nd monster. and refuses to allow the animal his want to hold a comrade. However. the monster pleads and persuades him until he agrees to do the 2nd. female monster to move as a comrade to the first monster. He takes his friend Henry and return to England to fix the necessary stuffs and information required for the creative activity of the female monster. Victor starts the work at a privy island in company of the monster and is about done when he feels that his actions are against moral outlooks. He. hence. destruct his advancement pulling an indignation from the monster who in bend vows to destruct everything he loves. He even swears to kill Victor’s lover during his nuptials dark. In this. it is apparent that Victor realized and regained his moral land manner excessively tardily. At this point. he will hold to digest effects for his actions ( Vargo 419 ) .

The fist revenge the monster has on master is killing of his best friend. Henry. When Victor travels to dump the remains of the 2nd monster. He returns in the forenoon merely to be arrested and accused of slaying his ain friend. This happening eventually drives master to the border. Losing his humanity is the lone thing forestalling Victor from going the monster he has created ( Choice Reviews Online 32 ) . He realizes that Henry was killed by the monster after the radioactive dust they had the old twenty-four hours. Although he denies holding killed his friend. Victor is imprisoned for the clip being as probes are conducted. Overcome by heartache of losing the people that he loved the most due to the effects of his actions. Victor falls ill in the prisons where he is nursed back to wellness and acquitted.

At this point. Victor returns with his male parent to Geneva. and marries the adult female he loves. Elizabeth. ( Woolley 50 ) notes that Elizabeth and Victor’s male parent are the lone things keeping him from genuinely going a monster. The monster knows that killing Victor married woman would convey them closer. However. although he still remembers the words of the monster about sing him on his nuptials dark and sends his bride off to avoid a confrontation. Despite this. the monster catches up with Elizabeth and kills her. At this point. Victor’s male parent. who has lost many people as good is unable to get the better of his heartache and dies shortly after the decease of Elizabeth. Having lost his married woman. his brother. his sister. his male parent and besides his friend to the monster. he vows that it is clip to demand retaliation. Victor’s male parent. who was his beginning of comfort. is now dead. and so are his advices and encouragement.

The huntsman becomes the hunted as he runs from Victor. who is now homicidal after losing his household and friends to the monster. Victor has non undergone a complete metabolism and turned into a monster. With no household. friends or siblings. Victor is now every bit lonely as the monster. The heartache. choler. hurting and compunction have now exhausted his feeling and behaviour of a human being. At one point he about gets to him but the monster is saved by the sea as the ice clefts and separates them with a spread. At this point. Victor is found by the captain Walton. as he travels through the ice and is about dead of cold.

This narrative. as the author intends. enables the reader to hold multiple readings of the actions of Victor. With these. the reader can make up one’s mind either to believe that Victor was a huffy scientist. who crossed human boundaries without concern or an adventurer who lack duty of his actions. Either manner. the reader can associate to the procedure of Victor turning into his ain creative activity. When Walton meets Victor. he is weak and about dead of cold for going many yearss in the ice. Unlike the monster. he is human and unable to digest the cold. Walton tries his best to nurse Victor but subsequently he succumbs to decease. Walton. holding heard the narratives of the monster’s cruel Acts of the Apostless is astonished to happen him crying over Victor’s organic structure. He tells Walton that now that Victor is dead. he has no 1 else in this universe. He recounts is enduring. compunction. purdah and hatred and concludes that he can now decease as his Godhead has. At this point. he departs to the northernmost cold part to decease. It is at this point that the reader eventually experiences the purdah of the animal.

The animal is Victor’s creative activity. gathered from old organic structure parts and eldritch chemicals. energized by a puzzling flash. He enters life as a grown up and vastly strong yet with the mind of an baby. Relinquished by his shaper and befuddled. he tries to bond himself into society. merely to be disregarded by everyone. Looking in the mirror. he understands his physical outlandishness. a portion of his being that blinds universe to his delicate. guiltless nature. He mentions that ; “‘When I looked around I saw and heard of none like me. Was I. the. a monster. a smudge upon the Earth from which all work forces fled and whom all work forces disowned? ‘” ( Shelley and Maurice 105

Looking for reprisal on his shaper. he executes Victor’s vernal sibling. After Victor wrecks his work on the female animal intended to ease the creature’s credence to the society. the animal slayings Victor’s closest comrade and afterward his married woman Elizabeth.

While Victor feels great contempt for his creative activity. the animal demonstrates that he is non a malicious being. The creature’s articulate portraiture of occasions ( as given by Victor ) uncovers his surprising fondness and kind-heartedness. He helps a assemblage of hapless labourers and saves a immature lady from submerging. but since of his outward visual aspect. he is remunerated merely with whippings and contempt ; torn in the center of vengefulness and empathy. the animal winds up forlorn and tormented by sorrow. Indeed the death of his discoverer turned-would-be-destroyer offers merely ambivalent relief: delectation on the evidences that Victor has created him so much digesting. problem on the evidences that Victor is the chief person with whom he has had any sort of relationship.


In decision. the characters of Victor and his male parent are different from that of the monster. which has no household and friends. The lone individual who understood his being. his Godhead Victor turned his dorsum on him after he created him. Victor realized that his actions were immoral and that he was non supposed to make a monster. The secret plan develops the character of both Victor and his male parent to aline with that of the monster. With clip. the monster ruins the life of Victor merely as his suspected by killing his household and best friend. In the terminal. Victor is filled with hatred. compunction and choler merely like the monster and dies a acrimonious adult male.


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