Harriet Young Slave Girl

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This essay analyzes the experiences of Harriet Jacobs during the era of slavery in the 1800s. As a young slave girl, Harriet encountered various challenges throughout her life. The essay will explore three main subjects: Harriet’s life as a young slave girl in the south, the influence of Dr. Flint, his wife, and Harriet’s mother on her life, and Harriet’s actions both as a 15-year-old girl and later as an author. Despite enduring mistreatment from her master, Harriet’s mental state was profoundly affected by her upbringing as a young slave girl in the south; nonetheless, she remained composed with guidance from her grandmother.

There were multiple instances where he would torment her, some of which a young girl couldn’t comprehend or take action against, leaving her feeling hopeless and unable to help herself. The impact that Dr. Flint, his wife, and Harriet’s mother had on her life is significant.

The way Dr. Flint spoke to her left an indelible mark on Harriet’s life, causing her to feel isolated and incapable of confiding in anyone. His torment served as inspiration for her to document her experiences as a young enslaved girl in the South.

Despite the color difference, Dr. Flint’s wife held animosity towards the young slave girl out of jealousy.

Harriet’s lack of concern and protection for her children from her husband’s harmful behavior is evident. He spoke to them, planting disturbing thoughts of his control over their minds. The extent of Harriet’s mother’s influence in her life remains uncertain since she had passed away. In difficult times, Harriet found solace in her grandmother, who was a former slave herself and served as a protector. However, due to the threats made by Dr. Flint, Harriet was afraid to confide in her or reveal the situation she was facing. Despite this fear, having her grandmother by her side brought happiness to Harriet.

Harriet, a 15-year-old girl, faced fear and escaped from her life of slavery. As an author later in life, she aimed to share her personal experiences as a slave along with her family’s struggle under enslavement. Harriet’s objective was to motivate future generations of enslaved girls to persevere and liberate themselves from their masters, without ever dwelling on the harsh ordeals they went through.

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