Harriet Young Slave Girl Essay

In this essay ill write about slavery times. In the 1800 slave were of all ages. Harriet Jacobs was a young girl and was a slave. I will explain What was life like for Harriet Jacobs as a young slave girl in the south? How did Dr. Flint, his wife, and Harriet’s mother influence her life? And last, what did Harriet do, both as a 15 year old girl, and as an author later in life? What was life like for Harriet as a young girl slave in the south? Life for Harriet as a slave in the south, was a big effect on her mind that she tried to keep her composure that her grandma thought her. She harassed by her master.

In many ways he would torment her. Some of the thing a young girl couldn’t under stand or even do anything her self. She felt hopeless also she wasn’t able to do anything to help her self. How did Dr. Flint, his wife and Harriet’s mother influence her life? Dr flint influence Harriet life in way where she’ll never forget the way he talk to her. Made her feel like she couldn’t turn to anyone to tell. He tormented her but influence her to to write about he experience as a young girl slave in the south. Dr flint wife was a women of jealousy toward the young slave girl no matter the color.

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She didnt care for them. Wouldn’t protected them from her husband bad ways. He spoke to them and filled they mind wid disturbing thought of him having to be compelled by him. Harriet mother was die, so I dnt know how much of and influence she was in her life. Harriet grand mother was a slave also. She was Harriet protector from her troubles. Harriet was afraid to confined her because if the the treats dr flint made to her. She also knew how her grandmother would have reacted towards what’s been going on. Harriet was happy to have her grandmother.

What did Harriet do, both as a 15 year old gir, and as an author later in life. At the age of 15 Harriet was so afraid in he her life. Once she ran away for the slave life that is grew up in. As an older women Harriet strived. She strived to tell the world of her be a slave and her family all be slave. To run and to be captured by a slave master. Harriet as teenager and as an author. She didnt want to live her life that anymore. She wrote her book to inspire the slave girl that come after her. To keep fighting to break away form Their master. Never going or looking back to those cruel experiences..

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