Homer in ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ by John Marsden Character Analysis

Homer is an important character in the novel Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden because he is one of Ellie’s most trusted friends. Due to the challenges and trauma the war has put him through and a special connection with a girl named Fi, Homer has had the greatest character development. From being an immature, quick-witted boy to a man with strength and sensitivity. Even though readers cannot relate, we can still empathize and admire Homer’s actions. At the beginning of the novel, Ellie describes Homer as “wild” and “outrageous”.

She says “He didn’t care what anyone thought”, which was true. Homer spent all of his free time playing tricks on teachers and provoking girls, never bothering to do anything productive as proven when reading “’What goes down, must come up,’ Homer said, making it clear how much attention he’d been paying in science over the years. ” His actions were always reckless, yet daring, immature, yet humorous. Once the war begins, readers can see a dramatic change in Homer. He tries to hold onto his childish ways, but that side of him starts to slip away. ‘You’re an idiot, Homer,’ kevin grumbled. ‘You never take anything seriously. ‘

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But I remembered Homer’s hand on mine…. And I remembered what he’d said to comfort me. I smiled and winked at him. I knew what he was trying to do. ” Homer’s change began once the group left their campsite to their houses. Throughout the visits came the realization as to how serious everything really was. Homer only spoke when necessary, when he had something useful to say, “’Everyone calm down,’ Homer interrupted. ‘Stay calm, or we’ll get nowhere.

Come on Fi… ‘” Or when it had to be said. “Then Homer made an unpopular suggestion. ‘ I think we should split up. ‘” But this was just the beginning of his character development. It was when things started to improve at their base camp in hell that Homer really started to, as well. With things steadier, relationships grew stronger, or just simply began. Like with Homer, the Greek farmer and Fi, the elegant and poised aristocrat. Their pairing was unexpected as their personalities were so different. ‘What do you think of Fi? ‘ I nearly fell into the creek… When someone asks you that question, it can only mean one thing. But coming from Homer!… And Fi, of all people! ” With a girl on Homer’s mind, he became more self-aware and continued to seek advice from Ellie, which is something Homer would never have done in the past. Fi brings out Homer’s sensitive side, making his actions less stupid and more planned out. Like when Homer had the idea to blow up the main bridge to stop the enemies imports.

He planned it to the smallest detail, impressively. Throughout the novel, Ellie, Homer and the others had to face challenges, though they become more intense towards the end. It was because of these adversities that Homer’s character really evolved. He had to create plans, think about the safety of others, and to make no mistakes. Like when Homer and Ellie had to save Lee and Robyn from town to get back to Hell. Homer planned ahead, not having the privilege to make mistakes with other peoples lives at risk.

It is because of this Homer is the strong and strategic man that he is. In Tomorrow, When the War Began, the character Homer develops from being immature and quick-witted to strong with a side of sensitivity. This is because of the war and the challenges he has had to overcome, like getting Lee back to the base camp, and the traumatic impact of losing his family, and Fi. The girl who brought out his sensitive side, making him vulnerable. The novel shows how adolescent minds need people, love and strength to deal with trauma.

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