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The seminar on Minimalist UxD held at Central Philippine University introduced the concept of minimalism as a trend in design that involves reducing a subject to its necessary elements. Minimalism is used in various forms of art and design, especially in visual art and music, to expose the essence or identity of a subject by eliminating non-essential forms, features or concepts. The seminar discussed how minimalism can provide insight into the design of user-centered interfaces with a focus on user goal-oriented design. The principles of minimalism include less means more, omitting needless things, and subtract until it breaks, which emphasizes the importance of usability considerations and simple yet interesting typography. The seminar showed that minimalism can be beautiful by removing unnecessary design and letting us focus on the main priorities.

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Minimalism is a design trend that focuses on reducing an object or subject to its essential elements. This trend can be seen in various forms of art and design, including visual art and music. The goal of minimalism is to reveal the essence or identity of a subject by removing any unnecessary forms, features, or concepts. On June 30, 2012, we hosted a seminar titled “Minimalist Uxd” at the Educational Media Center of Central Philippine University. The seminar featured Mr. Antonio M. Montano as our resource speaker, and I gained valuable knowledge about minimalism from the event.

In its most basic form, minimalism is a design that offers insights into user-centered interface design. It places less importance on visually pleasing screen layouts and focuses more on designing interfaces that align with user goals. Minimalism suggests that interfaces should provide users with more information than they currently do. This can be achieved through metaphoric interface structures and assisting users in completing tasks that support their goals.

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In screen design, ensuring that users make intelligent choices involves using rich textual content and careful selection of words and phrases. Minimalism in design follows the principle of “less means more”, simplifying the use of elements and focusing on essential features. This includes a clean and minimal use of color, emphasizing content over other elements, and having straightforward navigation and graphics. Too many elements on a page can cause confusion and misinterpretation of their priority.

Another principle is the removal of unnecessary elements. This involves eliminating anything that does not directly contribute to the design. Eliminate anything that is not essential and eliminate as much as possible. Your design should have a straightforward background, borders around images, and intriguing yet simple typography. When designers have few other elements to engage users, they should concentrate on captivating typography. Look for ways to make typography improve the design while still maintaining distinctiveness. “Subtract until it breaks” is another principle to adhere to. Continuously remove elements until the design ceases to function effectively.

Initially, I struggled to comprehend it, leading to confusion. However, I came to recognize the significance of usability considerations. These considerations involve incorporating only essential elements. Many individuals prefer intricate designs, possibly due to familiarity or the allure of vivid colors and excessive ornamentation that captures viewer attention. Nonetheless, I now appreciate that minimalism can also be aesthetically pleasing. It involves simplifying designs, eliminating unnecessary elements from webpages, and allowing a clear focus on primary priorities.

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