Receiving Calls From Americans in a Call Centre in India

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The article discusses the challenges faced by call centre operators in India who receive calls from frustrated American and London customers. The operators are trained to be polite and patient with the customers and try to understand the root cause of their problems. They work on rectifying the issue and ensure that the customer understands the solution provided. However, with the rise of outsourcing backlash, some customers can be hostile and blame Indians for taking away their jobs. Experts suggest that call centres should train their operators to handle such calls professionally and calmly.

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Working in a call centre in India and dealing with calls from both Americans and Londoners can present a challenging task.

As an operator, I would begin by politely asking the customer about the underlying cause of their issue. I will give them sufficient time to explain and ease their frustration. This approach helps ensure that the customer remains patient and attentive while we try to provide an explanation.

My objective as an operator is to resolve the problem using the most effective methods and ensure that the customer comprehends and fully approves of the solution. I will also attend to any uncertainties or clarifications the customer may have and verify if they understand the solution presented to them. My goal as an operator is to collaborate with the customer in order to completely resolve the issue and ultimately provide them with satisfaction.

Despite receiving angry comments from customers, employees at call centers in Bangalore and other locations remain polite. One American customer angrily whispered, “I don’t want to speak to you. Connect me to your boss in the US.” Similarly, a Londoner vented his frustrations on another young girl, saying, “Young lady, do you realize that because of you Indians, we are losing jobs?” The negative outcry against outsourcing is growing more unpleasant.

Young men and women working at outsourced job centers are now being tasked with handling irate callers. Supervisors advise them to stay calm. According to Avinash Vashistha, managing partner of NEOIT, a prominent US consultancy firm, outsourcing companies in both the US and India are receiving a significant amount of negative feedback regarding outsourcing. It is not surprising, then, that some individuals may exhibit rude behavior over the phone. Vashistha suggests that Indian call centers should provide training to their operators on how to manage such calls.

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