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Summary:The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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The lottery was conducted by a coal businessman,Mr.. Summers that managed also for other civic activities. He put the black, old lottery box on the stool which was in the centre of the square and which was brought by Mr.. Graves , the postmaster. This box had been put into use even before the oldest man If the town. ,was born, but no one wanted to slut It with a new one, because they believed that It made of some pieces of the Orlando box,and they wanted to stay loyal to their tradition.

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Summary:The Lottery By Shirley Jackson
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Summers began to stir the papers through with his hand. Once they used chips of wood for the lottery, but now when the population bigger then at the past,they use slips of paper that fit more easily into the black box. The night before the lottery, the box was hidden by Mr.. Summers, In his coal company and It was locked till the boggling of the lottery.

Before the opening declaration of the lottery, he made lists of each family members In the town. Mrs..

Hutchinson joined to her family which was in the square, too late, Because she forgot that it was a day of the lottery, and figured out that it was this ay only when she saw that her children, like her husband weren’t at home. Before beginning of the lottery Mr.. Summers asked who draws for Dunbar-resident of the village who didn’t come because his broken leg,and his wife said that she draws for him and not her son that taboo young for It. Mr., Summers reminded everyone of the lottery rules:he’ll read the names of men from his list and each one of them needs to take a paper from the box,without looking at it,until everyone has drown.

Then he darted to read the names and each one in his turn came and drown the paper When he finished toreador the names,each one read what had been written in the paper. The voices in the crowd began to say Bill Hutchinson name. Testis started to argue that It’s not fair because Mr.. Summers didn’t gave enough time to Bill to pick the paper which he wanted. Bill had been asked by Summers, if he have another family members, and he answered that no because his three daughter draw with their husband’s families. According to instruction of Mr.. Summers,Mr.

Graves took back all the tickets,put them back into the box, then selected 5 slips,and the rest of slips which been In the box were thrown by him onto the ground-Bill took the 5 slips which were chosen for him by Mr. Graves; and kept them folded until names; they figured out that Bill’s paper was a blank and Testis chose the paper with black spot on it, which was made by Mr.. Summers,the night before the lottery. Then the villagers took stones from the boy’s stone pile,and throw them at Testis which was standing at the centre of the crowd.

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