Sylvia Plath Topics

Do Sylvia Plath’s poems have universal significance? Essay

Sylvia Plath is one of the famous poet, who writes confessional poetry by incorporating her traumatic experiences in her poem. Her poems, such as "Daddy" and "Lady Lazarus", which explore the women's relationships with men in general without any additions of any specific cultural values, therefore, the poems...

An evaluation of Sylvia Plath`s poetry concerning pregnancy and motherhood Essay

In evaluating Sylvia Plath`s poetry concerning pregnancy and motherhood to what extent do you believe the attitudes and feelings expressed in her imagery are representative of mothers generally.

Plath`s poems regarding pregnancy and motherhood vary hugely in terms of the sentiment expressed, ranging from...

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Analysis of “The Applicant” by Sylvia Plath Essay

At first, a reader might think the title 'The Applicant' refers to a job applicant. Perhaps one will visualize a job interview scenario in which the applicant is sitting across the desk from someone who expects her to sell herself as a good candidate for the role. Upon further reading, it seems that the role...

“Comparison of loneliness in the poems mirror and spinster” by Sylvia Plath Essay

The poems mirror and spinster by Sylvia Plath are unique in the presentation of a theme of loneliness engulfing the protagonists. The poem mirror is written in free verse with no set pattern of rhythm and rhyme. The poem probes into the corners of human nature, Beauty, life and death and deals at large with...

Initiation – the Short Story Essay

Initiation is a story of group exclusivity, self exploration and personal transformation of a girl in Lansing High. It is the story of Millicent, who discovers that being an individual offers more opportunities than being part of a sorority. In Initiation, the author, Sylvia Plath expresses the hardships...

Conflicting Perspectives Essay

Focus Question – How are conflicting perspectives revealed in two of Ted Hughes poems and a related text? Individuals form perspectives over time reflecting their experiences, knowledge, attitudes, opinions and beliefs. Ted Hughes’ anthology of poems, Birthday Letters (1998), illustrates his personal...

“Daddy” A Love Lost Essay

“Daddy” was written by poet Sylvia Plath who graduated summa cum laude Plath began her writing at the early age of 11 when she began to keep diaries after the passing of her father Otto Plath, who died from complications from surgery stemming from diabetes in 1940. “Daddy” is one of Plath’s poems written in...

Conflicting Perspectives Ted Hughes Essay

Hughes demonstrates his perspective towards his destructive relationship with Plath through The Minotaur. Violence is evident in the very opening when Plath ‘smashed’ Hughes’ ‘mother’s heirloom sideboard – Mapped with the scars of whole life’. Here Hughes is expressing the damage deep inside him than the...

Mirror – Sylvia Plath – Textual Analysis Essay

‘Mirror’ By Sylvia Plath – Textual Analysis ‘Mirror’ is one of many works by the American poet Sylvia Plath, which was written within the last few months before her death, along with a number of other poems. One of the greatest qualities of her poems was its versatile nature. Her poems were never restricted...

On Contemporary Literature Essay

On Contemporary Literature
            When I hear the words contemporary literature, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is the total opposite of Classic Literature also known as the canons. With this, it is of importance to know first what Classic Literature is all about in order for me to set...

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