The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

Jennifer Barry
The “American Dream”
In the 1900’s many immigrants were heading to America to live the American Dream. They soon came to realize that there is no American Dream, just long hours at work and poor living conditions. In the book “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair we see this first hand through Jurgis and his family.

Jurgis and his family moved to Chicago to find freedom, fortune, and a better life overall. They believed that coming to America would get them higher paying jobs; instead, they had to find out the hard way that it was nothing close to the dream they had pictured. They ended up working long hours in unsafe conditions for minimal wages.
Jurgis faced many hardships once he moved to America. The first being immediately after he arrived in America. Once he arrived Jurgis and his family ended up being tricked and they fell victim to an agent who takes advantage of them while on the boat, and then once again when they arrive in New York.

A man disguised as a police officer holds them captive in a hotel room where he makes them pay large sums to leave. The family loses most of their money just on the journey alone leaving them with little left.
Once in Chicago Jurgis needs to find a job, so he ends up standing outside in the line where many other immigrants have spent days, weeks, and even months trying to be chosen by the boss. Much to his disbelief Jurgis is chosen in only one half hour which he immediately accepts. This is the point in the story where he thinks things are going to start looking up for him.
After leaving work one day Jurgis comes across a flyer with a home for sale on it.

Thinking that the family of twelve can pay just a bit more a month to own a home instead of rent, Jurgis makes the bold suggestion that they look into buying a home instead of renting a flat. They meet with the agent and decide that they will buy the house. Soon after they.

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