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A Night in a Forest With a Stranger

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I along with my Dad had planned to go for a Jungle camping in the vacations and accordingly we were at the ‘Jim Corbett National Park’. When people having special interest in wildlife come to India from different parts of the world, they never miss an opportunity to visit this ‘God’s Marvelous Creation’. As we were wildlife enthusiasts too, this place was the perfect choice for camping.

It was summer and all our day was spent in animal spotting. On our way we also had seen a castle which was believed to be enchanted by evil spirits.

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A Night in a Forest With a Stranger
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It was night and we both were exhausted, but still glad to have seen so many animals and some of the endangered species of birds. It was night now. We had a great dinner and were on the verge of falling asleep. We quickly set up our tent and in no time we fell asleep. But after some time my sleep was interrupted.

I was hearing the howling of wolves. I knew something was wrong. I tried to wake up my Dad but he was already snoring. I gathered some courage and got out of the tent to see what was wrong. As soon as I got out, I heard some footsteps, but they stopped suddenly. I thought I was in a fix. In such darkness I was seeing a bright light shining from behind a distant tree. It was probably a lamp. I could see it coming towards me. Struggling to see what it was, I noticed a short man with long ears, just like a dwarf as in Harry Potter walking towards me.

I took two or three steps behind trembling in fear, and picked up a stick, just in case it attacked me. But it came close to me and stopped. To my utter astonishment it was him! The same dwarf who used to serve Harry Potter, Dobby! He was just about four feet tall. His eyes, about the size of my fist, were staring at me in surprise. He also could talk! “Have you seen Voldemort, the wicked black-magician?” he asked me. “No”, I replied. “But I can surely help you find him” I added. He nodded his head and we set off accordingly. He was taking me further towards the castle that.

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