Additional Scene to Shakespeare’s Macbeth

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Choosing an heir t’ rule his countrymen. 5 But wisdom wasn’t of my father’s fortune, ‘Twats this that was the thread to his undoing. Unhorses and begins walking over the rocky unstable ground leading his horse. My Journey leads me to the company of mine own, But this treacherous ground gives notice of malicious weather. That lurks upon the’ unsuspecting soul and devours it In one foul sweep. Shelter Is needed for mine own survival, I shall not be struck down by that which perpetuates The seasons change at the will of those above. Such a fate would do no Justice to thy enamel 5 Upon this mighty shield.

Witches enter opposite side of stage, seen in the shadows around a fire. What fortunate tidings mine eyes do report, A fire, a fire over the hill and yonder. I shall pray that it be of friendly company Else I’ll be so inclined as t’ yield their breath. 20 [ties up his horse and fetches his sword and shield.  I must not startle these shadows as I know not of their nature. Chanting of some foul nature fills the air. Come sword, be not apprehensive and timid, I mammy’s have need of thy righteous blade soon. Creeps up over the rocky ledge and moves towards 3 figures in robes chanting by a fire.

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Witches: Double, double, toil and trouble;25 Fire burn and cauldron bubble. First Witch: Sisters, Macbeth be slain and Malcolm crowned Though work was done and we renowned, More trouble comes for the valiant king, Like a wasp in violent anger stings. 30 The Irish sky from whom eyes stare. Second Witch: So, here again our powers show How faithful evil followers grow. Third Witch: We shall, we shall, in time have fun,35 From fiery rage comes another one. [Witches cackle and move around the fire in a circle] Donaldson: What Ho! There, secret hags of night, chanting about in darkest fright!

Why dost thou reside in deserted rubble lodgings? To what treachery art thou conspiring? 40 First Witch: The mighty Donaldson hath Joined our company ‘Its time we make ourselves known. Donaldson: Witch! How dost thou know of my name? First Witch: Now that we art both addressed we shall continue, Thou sought our company, we were expecting of thee. 45 Donaldson: Do not speak in such ways, spinster woman, beast not of nature, accomplice of Satan. Donaldson draws his sword and moves closer to the witches menacingly. First Witch: Such haste makes the wise a fool, Wouldst thou not be curious if good tidings.

Were spoke and fortune wrought? 50 So soon shall be, felled again. Donaldson: Thou speakers of my brother, Malcolm the first. He hath not been king a day and night, And yet misfortune flocks his way? 55 [Donaldson backs away and puts his sword in its sheath] First Witch: Do not mislead those who see all, hear all and know all, We knows thou hath returned to claim the thrown. Donaldson: And why should I trust those who deceive all as well? I am the wiser of both kings that have come and passed. First Witch: And wiser still to come so soon. 60 All we offer is our gift of the foreseen.

Donaldson: Only a fool would believe those who conspire In the darkest depths of night, in places unseen And UN-ventured and seek their counsel. First Witch: A fool shall be who dares test the patience Of those in practice of the dark side. Such powers thou knows not, And best it be for thee to heed them. Donaldson: Macbeth was the fool! Such a drastic change In character could only be the doing of such evil. 70 Dost Mallow’s undoing come at the cost of my good fortune? Second Witch: Thou art already asking what thou wants to hear. For the purpose of thin amusement and my downfall Soon thereafter. Donaldson is getting angrier and is trying to intimidate the witches. First Witch: So, thou art wiser than those previously. Let us in counsel alone. Witches move away from Donaldson and into a secret huddle] First Witch: [Aside] How eager this one is, to spill the blood Of those so closely plotted against. We shall have Haste’s blessing again, for ‘its a f00180 to believe witches with noble purposes. Donaldson: [Aside] Had they true powers, my presence would be Known and desires anticipated. Need they not to counsel alone. I shall not be taken by such trickery have they will to give it.

Witches move back towards Donaldson First Witch: A price my lord, is requested, by thy knowledge Of what fortune is to come. Meddling witches we may be, But poor as well. Donaldson: Money is of no use to those who can use magic For mere mortal possessions. Third witch lunges menacingly towards Donaldson. Third Witch: Question us not ye ill-tempered hog wart! 90 as being crowned will soon enough leave thy more. Donaldson backs away and gets ready to pull out his sword again Donaldson: Ye mammy’s Just take my gold and leave me dead along as well. I shall not bargain for such outlandish requests. First Witch: This price we ask, should ye refuse, the better fate would’ve been Machete’s. Donaldson draws sword and points it at the witches Donaldson: Do not test me you black bottle rogue, I shall behead thee for such a statement. Gusts of wind sound and thunder rolls Second Witch: Sisters, maybe better off he would below to be alone in nights like this, to wither at the fate of those above and Malcolm rule forever more. Donaldson: NO! I do not wish upon myself that fate, I will give thee half my fortune in the promise of mine untainted future. 105 [Thunder stops]

First Witch: We shall begin. Give us thy gold and we will seek thee out to receive the rest soon after thy return. Donaldson: Enough! Get ye gone with the meddling, Witches: Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn and smoke be bubbled. Son of Duncan wants to know, Son of Duncan we will show. First the king be glad of company, 115 Then a trust bestowed on ye, Use this gift to closer get, Then one night when sun is set, A forest hunt shall leave one dead, And no one knows, but ye have said. 120 [Witches fan out and dance around the fire throwing things in to make them spark and burn.

Donaldson: Tell me, will he die by my hand? Second Witch: Fortune’s told is all we do, How is done is up to thee. First Witch: Beware the son of those been slain, Beware no ghost shall harm or maim. 125 Donaldson: I shall never fear the ghost of Macbeth! Second Witch: Be merry, proud and content, King shall be with time well spent, Never taken evermore, Until England’s at the door. 130 Never again shall they be seen. Witches: Beware beware, the sky comes down, A new king be on the thrown, But evil still shall come again,135 When swallows nests begin to spin.

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