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Elie Wiesel – Short

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n the Night, Elie Wiesel recalled his experiences as a young Jewish boy in a Nazi concentration camp. During his experience in the death camp, he lost his faith in God, closed to his father, and became inhumanity.
First of all, he was weakened on the belief of the God due to all the evils he experienced in the death camp. Elie Wiesel grew up in the Jewish community of Sighet and his life centered entirely on his religious studies. However
Towarded the end of his time in the concentration camps, Elie witnessed a boy being hanged.

He immediately questions God’s presence at that moment: “where is god?” He could not even believe or except that a god would exist or be a present force in the world when small children perish in such a torturous manner. Even after this, Elie asked god yet, another thoughtful question: “What are You, my God?” Elie doubted that God could even endure himself while all these things were happening; he was challenging God to confront himself while there are issues at hand in the world.

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Elie Wiesel – Short
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Overall, various questions display the distortion that the holocaust leaves on Elie’s Faith.

Furthermore, Elie’s experience changed his weakened faith not only in God but also in humanity. Elie also became aware of the cruelty of which he himself is capable. Everyting he experiencee in the war showed how humanity is lost when we allowed ourself to be cruel to each other. For example, Elie saw that the prisoners respond to their circumstances by turning against one another. The son had beaten his father do death for just the bread that his father had saved for his son and the son himself was then brutally beating by othe rcamp members. Elie’s experience has changed him that the Nazis’ ckruelty distorted his perspective and lost faith of humanity each other. Self-presercation became the highest virtue in the world of the Holocaust and led prisoners to commit horrendous crimes against one another as they lost the humanity in theire callous will to survice.

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