Corporate Soul and Maya Angelou Research Paper

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Corporate Soul, a 90’s based stone set, and the famously known poet Maya Angelou, have a statement to do on their ideas and feelings. They are expressed in two different signifiers of poesy. Maya Angelou show them in modern-day poesy, while the stone group Collective Soul adds beat and a impressive round to their wordss.

Both of these signifiers of poesy are really strong at acquiring their point across to their audience that is really attracted to their work. Both Maya Angelou and Collective Soul portion the adversities and subjugation that has been bestowed upon their life? s, and other human existences. Maya Angelou’s verse form Still I Rise and Collective Soul’s vocal December, show the effects on an person through positive and negative agencies of look.

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Maya Angelou and Collective Soul’s poesy are similar in some ways when broken down right. Corporate Soul writes “why imbibe the H2O from my manus? Contagious as you think I am ” reflects the same thoughts that Maya Angelou portions when She says, “Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with somberness ” These two parts of their Hagiographas are inquiring a similar inquiry. Why do you take to sequester me from you? re universe am I something you wouldn? Ts expect from another homo? “Don? T shriek about Don? t think aloud turn your caput now baby merely ptyalize me out Don? T worry about Don?”

I think this is the inquiry Collective psyche is inquiring the individual or group of people who are puting out to convey him down. Maya Angelou asks a similar inquiry when she writes, “Does my arrogance offend you? ” 2Don? T you take it atrocious difficult cause I laugh like I? ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs. ” This inquiry is being asked to her opposition that chooses to handle her otherwise merely like what corporate Soul is inquiring in their vocal. In my sentiment they are inquiring their enemies, why do you make this to me? What have I done to do you so atrocious mad, that you go out of your manner to convey me down?

These poets are non all likewise in what their messages are seeking to state to their readers and hearers. They change waies from inquiring their adversaries the why inquiry to there result of what is traveling to come of it. An illustration of Maya Angelou’s positive sentiment is stated when she writes “you may compose me down in history with you? re bitter distorted prevarications, you may step me In the really soil, but still like dust ailment rise. ” This is stating that you can state whatever the heck you want but you know what? I don? T attention I? ll get over it I? ll continue on with my life even though you choose to seek to dishonor me for a ground that shouldn? t even exist in our society.

Maya Angelou shows that she is a strong plenty adult female that when this job is faced in her life she can take what is thrown at her and asks for more. Then Corporate Soul writes about the negative things that will go on when Corporate Soul writes “December promise you gave unto me, December susurrations of perfidy. December clouds are now covering me. December songs no longer I sing. ” Corporate Soul is stating you? ve given me nil but coldness and hurting. You reek havoc upon my life.  “December songs no longer I sing, ” Is saying that you are killing me because of you? re obnoxiousness towards me. Its eventually acquiring to me and now you have pushed me to far and its killing me I cant manage your mission to destruct my life for the benefit of yours.

Maya Angelou and Collective Soul have written two different signifiers of poesy that have both touched me on a position on what effects subjugation has on them and is inquiring a moral inquiry to the individual who decides to handle them otherwise. Both Maya Angelou and Collective Soul have different results of what will go on to them in their life. Maya Angelou has had a bad name in her yesteryear, her ascendants were bought as slaves and points this out to the reader.

Someday she will acquire what all the others in her yesteryear have strived for the alteration to be considered an equal among a pessimistic society. But alternatively of concentrating on the bad things she is writes that she will hold a positive result and non give in like so many others. Corporate Soul writes his job in a negative manner. He states that I have taken all I can and eventually take the worse is happing to me. I have reached the terminal of my rope.

The coldness that is put on them is endeavoring them to merely give into what there head is stating is the lone manner out and that is decease. Even though their terminations of their verse forms are wholly different their jobs originate from the same job and that is subjugation and unconceivable obnoxiousness. To me this job has been faced by many coevalss before me. It will ne’er really wholly travel away but you can run into it head on and cover with it in the best manner you can.

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