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Robert Frost Essay, Research Paper

It has been said many times that all work forces have a common bond, or a yarn that joins them together. Robert Frost’s verse form? The Tuft of Flowers? explores the being of such a bond, as experienced by the talker. In the mundane circumstance of executing a common job, the talker discovers a sense of brotherhood with another labourer. Frost contrasts a sense of loneliness with a sense of understanding to convey his subject of integrity between men.To understand the scene of the verse form, one must foremost understand how grass was mowed in the clip period in which the verse form was written ( 1906 ) . Grass was largely mowed by manus utilizing a scythe. The mowing was frequently done in the dew of the forenoon for better mowing. This left the grass moisture, and it needed to be scattered for drying. The phrase turning the grass refered to the sprinkling of the grass for drying.In? The Tuft of Flowers, ? the talker has gone out to turn the grass. Whoever did the mowing is already gone, for there are no marks of his presence. The talker is entirely. Then, a butterfly catches the talker’s attending, and leads his regard to a tussock of flowers, which the mower chose to go forth integral. The spot of beauty left by his fellow worker causes the talker to experience that he is no longer entirely. There is a sense of understanding between the talker and the mower, because an grasp of beauty unites them.Frost utilizations peaceable images to associate the feeling of his verse form. The scene is in a grassy field with a creek running through it. The tranquil feeling is added to by a soundless butterfly, who searches for a flower upon which

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to land. In keeping with the peaceful surroundings, Frost speaks of a long scythe ?whispering to the ground,? and of hearing ?wakening birds around.? The speaker also listens for a whetstone ?on the breeze? to determine if there is anyone around, and finds a ?leaping tongue of bloom? beside the ?reedy brook.??The Tuft of Flowers? does not contain a definite meter, but it does have a strict rhyme scheme of AA, BB. The poem is organized in couplets, each of which contains a single thought. This makes the poem more charming and gives it simplicity, which adds to the overall feeling of peace and tranquility.Robert Frost provides many interesting ideas in ?The Tuft of Flowers.? Perhaps the most striking feature of Frost?s poem is his use of a paradox to illustrate the purpose or central theme of the poem. ?Men work together,? the speaker says, ?whether they work together or apart.? The meaning is that we are never alone, even if there is no one physically present with us at the time. Many motifs are contained in the poem. We are one in spirit, as well as being united by our work. We all can appreciate beauty. Most of us share a respect for life, even if it?s only for flowers we might choose to spare.After reading ?The Tuft of Flowers,? one is left with a few ideas to chew on. The combination of thought and imagery makes for worthwhile reading. So if you?re just looking for something interesting to read in a spare few minutes of your time, or if you want something to make you think, you should take a look at this poem. It will leave you with a sense of thoughtfulness and may give you insight you didn?t have before.

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