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The Glass Menagerie

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Illusions offer things that the real world cannot.The characters of “the glass menagerie,” by Tennessee Williams, are attracted to what a world of illusions has to offer. Because they cannot accept reality, it offers them an escape from the cruel realities of their lives. However, this only distracts them from confronting the issues of reality, and their problems only continue to grow larger. Tom, the only son and the oldest child, has his own ways of escaping reality. He goes off to the imaginary world of the movies every night where he can get the adventure that is absent in his life at home.

He will also go out on to the fire escape for a moment of relive from what’s going on inside the apt. He lives in the future, always dreaming of traveling and writing. The crippled daughter, Laura, escapes the world by taking walks instead of facing the challenges of school. In his essay on the play, Bert Cardullo talks about Laura;s means of escape, “The physically as well as emotionally fragile Laura escapes from her mid-twentieth-century urban predicament in Stylus, to which her family has migrated from the rural-pastoral south through art and music–through the beauty of her glass menagerie and the records she plays on her victrola”(Cardullo)Mostly she stays inside with her glass collection.

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The Glass Menagerie
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The collection represents the imaginative world to which Laura devotes herself. It also represents Laura herself, sharing with her many characteristics. The glass is fragile and delicate, as are Laura;s feelings. It is all beautiful although the pieces are different, as Laura is beautiful even though her crippled leg makes her different. There is only one place where they belong, which is on the shelf and polished, just as Laura feels that there is only one place where she belongs and that is in her apartment where she is looked after and cared for. They are also similar in the way the glass can be seen, “Glass is transpar…

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