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The Major Conflicts of to Kill a Mockingbird

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    There was one major conflict among smaller conflicts combined with it. These conflicts are the major key points in the story plotline. These conflicts are with the main characters of To Kill A Mockingbird, in whom are Scout and Jem Finch. As well as their brother, atticus finch, but who is the most important in these conflicts. Along with Tom Robinson and Bob Ewell.

    With these characters, the main and foremost important conflict of this story is Bob Ewell, the slave owner of Tom Robinson, accuses his slave of sexually assaulting a woman. Jem and Scout cannot understand why the Jury of the trial is not putting charges on Bob Ewell because of the false accusation of Tom Robinson. There is great confusion on which who is falsely accused. This leads us into the climax of the plotline.

    The climax of the story is led by Tom Robinson being accused of being guilty. He was sent to jail and for a sentence long enough for him to start a family and even have grandchildren. However, this dream was crushed by the caucasian power of Bob Ewell. He uses his race and ethnicity to become more powerful and to be ruthless on Tom Robinson. As Tom is trying to escape prison for the many reasons he has, one little mistake happens that will change his future forever.

    As Tom is trying to escape prison, he is allegedly wounded by a gun. This wound continues to bleed until he is no longer with the world. While on the other hand, Jem and Atticus are trying to serve justice for Tom as they have heard this dreadful news, but conflicts occur with the judge and the whole trial in itself. The judge does not have one concern for this case and is being stubborn and close minded for this case. On the other hand, while Jem and Scout are trying to serve justice to Tom, as they were walking home, Bob Ewell assaults the two. All of the sudden, Boo radley comes out of nowhere to be the protagonist of the rest of the future conflicts in the story. He saves them from being extremely assaulted by wounding Bob Ewell with the very sharp blade of a knife. Thus, murdering Bob out of protection for Jem and Scout.

    As the sheriff is telling the Judge of this incident, Boo Radley decides in his own mind it would best to keep the whole assaulting out of protection to himself and as he knows he would be misunderstood and so the sheriff decides to tell the judge that Bob tripped on his knife, thus accidentally commiting suicide. After the trial is said and done, Scout and Boo have a brief discussion of what happened. Boo makes the decision to never speak with Scout or anyone else once more. Boo isolates himself in his home and is never seen again.

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