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The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin Analysis

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  • Pages 4
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    She uses irony as her greatest tool to add great characteristic right at the end of her story. She has a great way to express the setting and scenery in great detail that reaches the readers mood. Kate Chopping husband’s death before her becoming a writer is somehow used by her to create a realistic character that is going through what she has gone thorough in real life.

    We can see through the eyes of a grieving widow, but with a bit of n Odd response to the death Of her husband. Kate begins the story with horrible news of an accident. A train wreck had occurred, and Mrs.. Mallard’s husband was said to have been in the train wreck. Kate begins by specifically stating that Mrs.. Mallard’s heart condition caused her sister to have to bring the news to her slowly. Here, Kate begins to point out that Mrs.. Mallard reacted differently than other women would, not “with paralyzed inability to accept its significance”, but “She wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister’s arm” (496).

    After this, Mrs.. Mallard dads to her room to be alone. Kate described the chair in the room very vividly, and with it how Mrs.. Mallard sits in it, giving the reader a connection to how one would sit in a space armchair, “she sank, pressed down by a physical exhaustion… ” (496). The scenery form the window gives the reader the calm feeling and relief of nature. The smell of the air, the sky, the noises of others, the plant life, and the animal life were pointed out by Kate. Mrs.. Mallard’s expressions give us a window into her feelings, but Kate continues on by clarifying those feelings that haunt Mrs..

    Mallard. These feelings don’t remain solemn, but they slowly to turn feelings of freedom. Mrs.. Mallard knew that once she saw her husband’s body she would return to her depressed self, but soon after her feelings of independence would return once more. Kate tells us that Mrs.. Mallard, at times, did not even love her husband, actually it was often. Kate does a very good job in bringing the reader into the story and using imagery and a unique reaction to the death of a loved one. Kate Chopin creates a story that is has a gloomy reality, but in the end she completely turns the story around.

    Knowing that Mrs.. Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble, great care was taken to break to her as gently as possible the news of her husband’s death”(496), this was used to turn the entire story in the end, with the information that it gave about her heart. She is told the news of her husband’s death slowly as to not cause her to have a heart failure because of the shock from such heavy news. But in the end, her husband was actually alive. After her believing that she was free to live her life, after she grieved her husband’s death, he returns, with no idea that there as a train wreck.

    To help her from dying, the death of her husband was carefully handled, but she ended up dying from filling out that he was actually alive. Her heart could have caused her to die from grief of her husband’s death, but it happened from joy of her husband’s being well. Kate doesn’t give a detail about her character for no reason; she ends up using it once more only to add a great ending to her short story. This captures readers and probably changes opinions about it right at the end of her piece.

    Kate Chopin can easily relate to the character that she has created, because hey have gone through the same life changing experience, the death of a husband and the consequences of how they choose to live after it. In the story, Mrs.. Mallard grieves for her husband; the deep feelings inside of her can be easily thought of by Kate, because she has gone through the same thing. The details like the feeling of choking like a baby, the quiet yet thoughtful person one becomes, the exhaustion are all described so perfectly that the reader is in the moment alongside Mrs.. Mallard. But Kate describes a feeling coming to Mrs..

    Mallard, an unexplainable One. One longs to know what will happen. A realization comes to Mrs.. Mallard, freedom. This is interesting; she has only received the news of her husband passing, and she is already letting him go and actually thinking of it in a good way. She can now have freedom to live her life. Could this really be the feeling Kate had in real life? This is very interesting to see; that Kate also claims that Mrs.. Mallard didn’t love her husband most of the time. This is very shallow and sad, how could a woman write about this, when she has gone through the same thing.

    She could be comfortable with it, because she might have the saran feelings as Mrs.. Mallard. A similar theme is found in Skate’s other book Awakening, where the wife is shown to have almost no feelings for her husband, to the point of adultery and craving for independence. At the end of the book, the character feels freedom, just like Mrs.. Mallard. Could this point to Skate’s similar feelings or, better said, lack of? Kate brings details in feelings and setting accompanied by a surprise ending with irony. Kate knows how to engage her readers, through these, but also tit topics that can seem too dark for some.

    One is caught by the feelings Mrs.. Mallard feels. Feelings that a reader would not believe possible or even sane. How could a widow feel glad on the day of her husband’s death? No proof is given of Skate’s feeling glad for her husband’s death, but the common theme can point to it.

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