Contrasting Regions in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

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“Many plays and novels use contrasting places to represent opposing forces or ideas central to the meaning of the work. Explain these two contrasting regions in Great Expectations and they represent to Pip. ” Representing Great Differences I believe the two contrasting regions in Great Expectations to be the poverty stricken marshes and the harsh, unforgiving streets of London. What the marshes represent to Pip are his roots, a life of humble living and little education.

He is desperate to get out of the marshes throughout the beginning of the story, seeking a place of higher society. This life of wealth, manners, and enlightened people represents happiness to Pip. He believes these things are necessary for him to be pleased with his life, mostly because he thinks Estella would never love a common man. Estella is what he truly longs for more than anything. For he might have had aspirations to be a gentleman before meeting her, but it was the first encounter he had with her that really made him want to accomplish that goal.

When he reaches London with the help of his secret benefactor he seems happy, but towards the later chapters he considers returning to the marshes of his birth. He had lived a life of luxury and was ready to settle for the life that was expected for him, a simple one without any unneeded extravagance. Be that as it may, when he finds out about Biddy and Joe’s engagement, another expectation of his is denied.

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