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Charcoal has been considered a beginning of fuel for many Filipino people particularly in the rural countries. Harmonizing to a study by The Central Echo ( 2011 ) . more than 90 % of Filipinos are dependent on wood coal for cooking. While merely 1-2 % usage Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( LPG ) or kerosene due to high cost of life. However. doing wood coal agencies cutting trees. As a consequence. lone species of trees that do non fire good are left in our woods. Therefore. there is a obliging demand to happen alternate fuel beginnings and new methods that can minimise the demand for wood coal ( The Central Echo. 2011 ) .

Paper is the major subscriber of solid waste by either weight or volume. Yet it is extremely reclaimable and can be manufactured into some other stuffs. Therefore. paper wood coal was introduced as an option for wood coal. Besides. it will non destruct our woods and harry mother Earth but alternatively. this will assist minimise solid waste and cut down forest stripping due to charcoal devising ( The Central Echo. 2011 ) .

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Paper wood coals are made by soaking documents nightlong and organizing it into fist size balls which are left to dry in the Sun. Paper wood coal serves as a good option fuel for cooking. Promoting the usage of paper wood coal as an option for fuel is a good pattern. Waste documents that would otherwise stop up in landfills are given new usage as cooking medium. This will besides assist cut down dependance on forest wood for cookery. Since this is made out of used paper stuffs. this is cheap and can be done by every family anytime. It does non bring forth carbon black like ordinary wood coals. A few pieces of these paper wood coals can be used for cookery and is really ideal to utilize during the rainy season ( OISCA. 2012 ) . Aside from its environmental benefits. it will besides assist households with their budget since paper wood coal can easy be made and the stuffs to be used are widely available. Paper wood coal may work otherwise than wood coal but it is really resourceful and eco-friendly.

Statement of the Problem:This survey aims to present and advance Paper Charcoal as an eco-friendly option to charcoal. therefore lending to a cleansing agent environment. General Aims:By and large. this survey will be conducted to bring forth wood coal made out of waste documents. Specific Aims:Specifically. it aims to:1. Produce wood coal non made from wood itself. but instead from waste documents.2. Follow all the processs in bring forthing Paper Charcoal.3. Use the produced Paper Charcoal as an eco-friendly option for wood coal.4. Determine if the Paper Charcoal has the same effects as Charcoal. Hypothesis:Paper Charcoal has the same effects as wood coal and can be used as an eco-friendly option for wood coal.


Everyone knows how of import nutrient ingestion is to an person. Without nutrient. one may acquire wholly insane and may return to destructing people’s lives. including their ain. As our state go on to conflict with the declining poorness jobs and non-stop addition in oil and fuel monetary values. many Filipinos today rely on wood wood coal for cooking to salvage money. Metro Cebu. with its four ( 4 ) metropoliss of Cebu. Mandaue. Lapu-Lapu and Talisay ; and six ( 6 ) municipalities of Compostela. Lilo-an. Consolacion. Cordova. Minglanilia and Naga ; has an norm of about 2. 000. 000 in population as of 2001. It has an approximative sum land country of 79. 209 hectares doing it the 2nd gateway and the 2nd largest urban country in the Philippines. With a rapid turning population and increasing urbanisation. Metro Cebu is a great concern topographic point.

This is true for nickel-and-dime nutrient enterprisers like proprietors of barbeque stables since Cebu is already synonymous to the word “barbecue” . The flourishing barbeque industry in Cebu uses largely. if non all. wood wood coal as their chief beginning of heat in cookery. Besides. based on a 1994 survey. three fourths of low-income families in Metro Cebu rely on wood coal as their primary cookery fuel and over 80 % in the highest-income class usage LPG ( Sueycloe. 2012 ) . Ramon Magsaysay Elementary School is one of OISCA CFP supported school. CFP has provided the school with preparation on environmental protection and proper waste disposal. The school observes segregation of school rubbish and applies the environmental rules of 3Rs ( Re-use. Reduce. Recycle ) . The school has encouraged the usage of paper wood coals made from used paper merchandises which they have learned from OISCA. The kids besides applied in their places what they have learned from the preparations and environmental instruction provided by OISCA ( OISCA. 2012 ) .


Production of Paper Charcoals is really easy and can be made by every family. The stuffs that you will necessitate to do Paper Charcoal are easy available. You will necessitate waste documents. Newspapers or any old documents are preferred while the calendered 1s are non. You will besides necessitate a container where you will soak your waste documents in H2O. A basin or washtub will make. Here are the processs in doing Paper Charcoal: First. garner the waste documents and rupture them into pieces about the size of your manus or smaller. Topographic point all the lacerate waste documents into the basin or washtub. Fill it with H2O and go forth for at least an hr. The paper will be ready when it is exhaustively saturated with H2O and is mushy to the touch. Following. catch a big smattering of the mushy paper. Form it into a ball about the size of a golf ball or ping pong ball. squashing out every bit much H2O as you can. Repeat until all the mushy paper is in ball signifier. Discard the H2O. And in conclusion. topographic point the wet paper balls in the Sun for at least two yearss. Do non allow them acquire rained on. They must be wholly dry and brickle. At this point. they are ready for usage in the same mode as wood coal briquettes. DATA. OBSERVATIONS AND RESULTS

During the survey. the research workers have produced wood coals made from waste documents and have followed all the processs in bring forthing paper wood coal.

During the procedure. the research workers have observed that the production of paper wood coals takes clip as you have to wait until the paper is exhaustively saturated. .

The research workers have besides observed that doing paper wood coal is really easy and simple. The lone hard portion was the clip it takes for it to be ready for usage since it has to be wholly dry. The research workers so hypothesized that paper wood coal has the same effects as wood coal.


Paper Charcoal has so become a good option fuel for cooking particularly to those who seek budget-friendly options for wood coal. Not merely does it salvage money but it besides saves more trees and keeps the environment free from litter. Paper wood coal production may take some clip and attempt to do but it is really resourceful and cheap. So the following clip you throw out documents. think of how much aid you could make for the environment when you can recycle them and do paper wood coals.


This research paper is made possible through the aid and support from everyone. including: parents. instructors. household & A ; friends. Particularly. delight allow us to give our recognition of gratitude toward the undermentioned important advisers and subscribers:

First and first. we would wish to thank Mrs. Girlie David for her valuable advices and for learning us the right ways in carry oning a research paper. Her sentiments and suggestions are extremely anticipated.

Second. we unfeignedly thank our household particularly our parents for their counsel and fiscal support. The merchandise of this research would non be made possible without them.Finally. we would wish to thank our friends and schoolmates for their advice and support in assisting us with this survey.

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