“The Spike ” By George Orwell Analysis

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 The Spike was about George Rowel’s life while living in London. At this time Orwell was living in London in spikes, which are shelters. Times were hard, Orwell had no money, and he lived in a variety of shelters. You could only stay at spikes one night at a time. If you went to two or more spikes in London, more than once in a single month there was a possibility of being confined for a week. You couldn’t take any valuables in cause they would be confiscated and you would be thrown out of the Spike, so everyone would Bradbury their belongings like cigarettes and tobacconists outside, and get them the next morning. When they entered the spike, they whereby were sent to the bathroom where they were searched, while in the bathroom they was given three minutes to bathe. Tramps were fed bread, garlic and “and a pint of so called tea” anytime of the day. After the din near they would be herded to their cell where they spent the rest of their night in cell.

The cell doors locked at seven and wasn’t opened for another twelve hours. Orwell describes the spike as “It was a gloomy, chilly, limeades place, consisting only of a bathroom and a dining- room and about a hundred narrow stone cells… The cells measured eight feet by five, and, had no lighting apparatus except a tiny, barred window high up in the wall, and a Sophocles in the door. ” During this time Smallpox was an epidemic and a doctor would come and examine the tramps to make sure they didn’t need to be quarantined or removed from the spike.

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The Spike was is essay was helpful because it gives a real life account of spending the night t a spike, the people you encounter and what it’s like to be a tramp. The essay was very detailed, it gave a and description of the room, the tramps, tramp majors and working while in the spike. The spike was based off the novel and the people in the spike It was based off the book Down and Out in Paris and London, which is the book I studied by George Orwell.. The essay helped me on my author study because II was able to understand the the full effect of day in a life of a tramp. The total words in The Spike is 3,372. Ramp Orwell, George. “Shooting and Elephant. Fifty Essays by George Orwell. Project Gutenberg of Australia, Gauge. 2003. Web. In this essay,Shooting an Elephant Orwell talks about his life as is an Indian Imperial officer in Mullein, in lower Burma. Orwell was a sub divisional officer of the town, it was Rowel’s duty to keep the peace and basically invade in the Indians life. Burmese people didn’t like the European presence and shouted profanity and other things to show how much they hated them being there. Orwell said while in Burma he made up his mind that imperialism was an evil thing and the sooner his job was over the better.

Secretly he sided with the Burmese, and against their oppressor (Britain). Orwell says “All I knew was that was stuck between my hatred of the empire I served my rage against the evil spirited little beasts who tried to make my job impossible. ” Shooting an elephant was helpful because it talks about how he opposed of what British forces were doing and sided with the Burmese even though he was under the instruction of Britain. Shooting an Elephant is important because it tells about his life before he actually started his writing career (published writing).

This is here his opposition to imperialism was formed, it was important to know why Orwell had such strong feelings about the government, and by reading this essay my questions were answered. It tells his interaction with the Burmese people, but even though they hated him, but when an elephant comes and is roaming the town all the Burmese people look to him to kill the elephant and keep them safe. At least two thousand people gathered around, Orwell didn’t want to kill the elephant, he describes it as a white man has so much power that when things go wrong they looked to him to do what they expected of him, to kill.

The total words in this essay is 3,267 words. Orwell, George. Down and Out in Paris and London. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1933. Print The main arguments in Down and Out in Paris and London is are P poverty, government power, and s social class. Throughout the book On. Bell lived in poverty. The Down and Out in Paris and London novelist a novel is about George Orwell when he was a struggling writer and his time in Paris and London. Finding a job was difficult, at the beginning Orwell started out earning 36 francs a week by working as an English tutor.

Throughout the book the theme was survival. Orwell lost his tutoring job, he had to live off less than 6 francs, many nights he went without food, or simply stole food. Orwell lived in a Hotel, it was a long term stay, and he paid 200 francs a month. Orwell worked minimal_vying on a few francs each day, working minimum waged jobs in a Hotels or restaurants. At the beginning of the book Orwell looks to a friend for help but he is sickly and almost on his death bed when Orwell finds him, the two spend each day walking kilometers at a time, but most of the time it was a dead end or just a cam.

Orwell went without food, and inadequate hygiene. Working in the lowest diversification in a Hotel, in the kitchen, and the lowest job in the kitchen, the dishwasher. Then a . Orwell was a dishwasher. But when a friend tells him about a job in London being a tutor for a young boy, he gets an advance and goes to London. When he arrives the family has left on vacation, so once again Orwell is a struggling to make it. Finding a job was difficult, at the beginning Orwell started out earning 36 francs a week by working as an English tutor.

Throughout the book the theme surviving and Europe, Orwell Often talks about poverty. Every day he had to live Off Of 6 francs, many nights he went without food, stealing food. Orwell lived in a Hotel, it was a long term stay, his paid 200 francs a month I built my entire author study around this book. Waist was a very important part of the author study, it answered questions I had about George Orwell and even brought up questions that needed for further research. Down and Out in Paris was based on research because Orwell most famous novels are about things that doesn’t directly bathe essay The Spike.

The book was the main focus and it allowed me to further study the George Orwell. Questions like, what was Orwell doing before the time? Did he ever escape poverty? The book shows how Orwell wanted change in the government, and the elimination of social classes. The total Pages in Down and Out in Paris and London is 212. This book has 212 pages Haynes, Samuel Lynn. Twentieth Century Interpretations of 1984; a Collection of Critical Essays. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1971. Print The criticism book I read is Twentieth Century Interpretations of 1984.

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