Anne Bradstreet- the Prologue Analysis

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Anne Bradstreet, a remarkable woman of the seventeenth century, was on par with male writers of her time. Her education was strongly influenced by her upbringing, as she received exceptional guidance from her father and had the privilege of accessing a vast library filled with books. Consequently, she developed a profound passion for reading and became deeply interested in the works of past poets. This love for literature played a crucial role in shaping Anne Bradstreet’s talent for crafting enduringly beloved poetry.

“The Prologue” by Anne Bradstreet discusses the constrained societal roles women had in seventeenth-century male-dominated societies. It also reflects Bradstreet’s personal encounters as one of the few female writers during a time when such endeavors were discouraged for women. Her passion for poetry was inspired by her mother, leading her to write her own poems. Sadly, she had to keep her works private due to society’s disapproval of women pursuing intellectual growth and openly expressing their thoughts.

Anne originally wrote for her own enjoyment, as well as for her family and close group of educated friends, without any intention of publishing. However, her brother-in-law, John Woodbridge, secretly made copies of Anne’s work and later brought it to England to have it published without her consent. Surprisingly, “The Prologue” was eventually published during the 1650s. This work can be characterized as specifically targeting the understanding of women.

Bradstreet’s poem tackles the subject of women’s rights, highlighting the lack of privileges they were often subjected to. She perceived her own work as a masterpiece, yet it was perceived by men as merely a corrupt creation. The poem was widely considered offensive to men, as it seemingly challenged their superiority. Through her writing, Bradstreet aimed to alert men that despite being a woman, she deserved their attention and thoughtful consideration.

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