Charles Dickens Research Paper Charles John Essay

Charles Dickens Essay, Research Paper

Charles John Huffam Dickens was born in Portsmouth in 1812, the 2nd kid of a big household. His male parent was the boy of a pantryman and a housekeeper, and worked as a clerk in the Navy Pay Office. The household moved to London when Dickens was three and to Chatham in Kent two old ages subsequently.

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Charles Dickens Research Paper Charles John
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In 1822 Dickens & # 8217 ; s male parent was transferred to London and slid earnestly into debt. Dickens did non travel back to school and at age 12 was sent to work in a shoe polish mill.

Shortly afterwards his male parent was imprisoned for debt in the Marshalsea prison. Boot Polish mill where 12-year-old Dickens was sent to work, repairing labels to bottles of shoe polish, to assist back up his household. Dickens had dreams of going a gentleman and was humiliated working with the unsmooth work forces and male childs at the mill. The experience had a major impact on Dickens subsequently life and plants and besides on his relationship with his female parent who, after Charles left the mill as the consequence of a wrangle between his male parent and the proprietors of the mill, argued unsuccessfully to hold him sent back.

His male parent was released from the Marshalsea and, after about a twelvemonth, took Dickens out of the shoe polish mill and sent him t

o school for two old ages. At 15 he started work as a lawyer’s clerk. He became a Parliamentary newsman, and bit by bit won success foremost as a journalist and subsequently as a novelist.

From around 1840 to his decease in 1870 Dickens was the most celebrated and popular author in the universe. He lived a comfortable in-between category life, chiefly in London, and knew most of the clerisy of the clip.

Devils married Catherine Hogarth in 1836 and she bore him ten kids. He seems to hold found relationships with adult females hard. In his novels he idiolises immature misss with a preference for housekeeping and ridicules mature adult females. In 1857 he met a immature actress, Ellen Ternan, and started a relationship with her that lasted until his decease. In 1858 he separated from Catherine. With the exclusion of his eldest boy, Dickens & # 8217 ; s kids stayed with their male parent and saw small of Catherine after the separation.

Dickens & # 8217 ; s experience in the shoe polish mill had a profound consequence on him. His books are about all set chiefly in London and depict it as a dark and contaminated metropolis. His characters come from all societal categories and he wrote passionately about the lives of the hapless and campaigned for better conditions for them.

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