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Significance of the title lord of the flies Essay

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What holds does civilization have on Roger? Civilization still has a little bit of control over Rogers mind and sanity. He seems to feel as if he is still surrounded by rules, laws, consequences and adults. Adults are the ones that make the rules and ensure they are enforced. In chapter four “Roger grabbed a handful of stones and began to throw them. Yet there was a space around Henry, perhaps six yards in diameter, into which he dare not throw.

Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life.

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Significance of the title lord of the flies
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Round the squatting child was the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law.

Rorer’s arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing Of him and was in ruins. ” This symbolizes civilization holding back his arm, stopping him from striking Henry with the stone. It shows that Roger is beginning to go insane. He is hallucinating, seeing things that aren’t there, the police, the adults, the schools and the law. He still feels that there are rules and laws and this frightens him away from the swift action of hurling that stone. 2. What does the mask allow Jack to do?

The mask allows Jack to hide his looks and impressions and bring out the part of himself that not even he knew existed. It lets him express the part of him that is savage-like, violent and bloodthirsty. The mask gives him the power to disappear into nature and hide himself from both evil and good things. It gives him the power to sneak up with out suspicion, to lie silently without being seen and to hunt with more ease. When the mask is painted on his face he feels hidden from rules and society, totally. 3. Piggy is “cut” by Ralph. How? So? What does “cutting” Piggy do for Ralph?

Piggy is not actually, physically cut by Ralph. Blood does not spill for it wasn’t a real cut. What Gilding means by “cut” is that Piggy was hurt, mentally or offended. This gives Ralph both the sense of power and guilt. In chapter five, Ralph realizes that he does not have Piggy’s genius and that the wait of the leadership becomes too much for Ralph to control alone. I believe Piggy is “cut” many times but only one really stands out. Minutes after Piggy tells Ralph that he would appreciate it if he din ‘t tell the other boy’s Piggy’s name, he does. He offends Piggy but yet doesn’t feel remorse.

In fact believe he laughs a little bit. 4. Where has Jack’s blood lust got him? Jack’s blood lust has gotten him control. It has given him a firm control on the tittles because all of the littlest are afraid of death and blood and when someone not much older than them kills another living thing, they become very frightened. His blood lust enables him to feel powerful and exalted. I feel like Jack has thrown himself at bloodless and given in to it. This is why he is so obsessed with violent and acts so savage-like. Almost like a barbarian. 5. “You let the fire out,” is all Ralph can say for a while, why?

The reason that Ralph continues to repeat the phrase ‘You let the fire out,” is because he knows and is still aware that the signal of the fire is their only chance of being rescued. He realizes that when the fire is low or burnt out that the other boys have lost their desire to be rescued and live. He says this because he knows that because the fire was ‘t tended by Jack and his hunters the ship passed and a chance of their being rescued had been lost. He is at a loss for words because he knows. He knows that they are now stuck on that island longer because of the lack Of order, law, rules, and now sanity. . Jack wanted rules. How does that change? At the beginning of the novel Jack takes part in a vote. He then makes rules with Ralph, and promises to keep the fire going with his choirboys according o the rules, order! As the story progresses you can see that Jack starts to become more savage and animal like. This is clear in a few sentences in the beginning of chapter three: “Jack was bent double. He was down like a sprinter, his nose only a few inches from the humid earth. ” He is down almost like an animal. Jack begins to turn a little bit like a fascist.

He wants to be the only one in control and he wants the rules to be made by him and only him. He starts to argue with Ralph and breaks the rule of the conch when they are on the mountain. 7. What brings the beast back? Do the kids have any other superstitions? What about you? The beast does not return for it has existed inside of them their whole lives. The beast is simply the instinct of savagery that can be found in everybody. The beast inside of their heads only ” returns” because they are all beginning to go insane except for Piggy and Simon, especially Simon.

Simon is the first one to realize that the beast is just in their heads when he says, “What I mean is… Maybe it’s only us… ” Simon says this in chapter five at the point when the kids are at the meeting where they discuss the beast. Even though the other boys laugh at this comment it was put there by Gilding to represent the tartar evil that exists in every human. Don’t believe that the kids have any other real superstitions other than some frightening ideas about the beast. One littler says that it could be a giant squid that hides in the ocean during the day and comes to kill them at night.

Do I have any superstitions? Don’t think I have any superstitions but rather bad habits that seemed to have developed for no apparent reason. For example, I never eat the last bite of a sandwich or cookie. I’m not afraid of eating it but I just don’t. If you can explain it please tell me. 8. What about the corpse in the copse? The dead pilot that fell from the sky just stands for the manifestation of the beast, which the kids are very scared of. Piggy himself is finally faced with evidence that the beast could actually be real.

Better than what they were preoccupied with before, squids and ghosts, at least now it was a physical, concrete thing, not an abstract one. This body that fell from the sky after being ejected from a plane was obviously a sign of war. Unfortunately, Jack understood this and it was all he needed to gain full control because it focused them on their anger and violence. That was exactly what Jack wanted. Jack uses the dead pilot as an enemy to assume authority even though he knows that a dead pilot cannot actually harm them. 9. What was Rally’s life like before the crash?

Before the crash on the island, Ralph seemed to have been a nice, proper, somewhat wealthy child. He was ashamed of his long dirty hair when he was on the island and hoped that he had scissors to cut his hair back to normal, one inch long. He wished that he had soap and warm water and a bathtub and a toothbrush. He looked at his nails and realized that “They were bitten down to the quick. ” He noticed his torn up, worn away clothes that were stiff tit sweat. He remembered living in a cottage on the edge of the moors. His mother was still alive and his father would come home from work every day.

There were wild ponies that used to come up to the stonewall at the bottom of the garden. He remembered bedtime, his nice bowl of cornflakes with sugar and cream and all the books. He had tons of books some of which he hadn’t even read. “Everything was all right; everything was good-humored and friendly. ” 10. What happens to the clothes as we go further into the novel? As the story progresses the clothes begin to deteriorate. They don’t deteriorate like ours do with little tears and holes in them; they really get torn up. The pants get torn up and slashed to pieces by the plants and water.

The shirts become stiff as a board with dried sweat. Shoes are not used anymore for they don ‘t serve a purpose when most of your foot touches the ground when they are worn. In fact, the only reason that the boys wore clothes is because of what they are used to. Adults taught them that being naked is technically bad. 11. Is Simon crazy? Does he hallucinate? Don’t think that Simon is crazy at all. I just believe that he is on a different plane than the other boys. He is much more intelligent than most of the kids and he almost seems purely good.

Unlike the other boys, Simon is the only one that seems to stay the same way he was when they crashed. And, it doesn’t seem like he does this because of guilt or shame but more because he believes in the values of morality. It almost seems like a match of 1 on 20, Simon being the one, the pure goodness and the 20 being the purely evil or savage children. Unfortunately even though good is always supposed to win, I doubt it in this case. 12. How does Ralph save Jacks bacon and where’s the irony? Believe that Ralph saved Jack’s butt quite a few times. But one time stood out when I was reading.

In the middle of the chapter Beast From Air Jack was going on about how he must hunt the beast and that the beast was a hunter’s job. At this point Ralph finally lets it out. ‘And don’t you want to be rescued? Don’t you all want to be rescued? ‘ He ultimately brings up the fact that without order there is nothing. He brings back the idea that because of this lack of law and rules they are stuck on this godforsaken island. He tells them it’s like anarchy in a way. Jack feels that the rules don’t apply to him, ‘Conch! Conch! We don’t need that conch anymore! ” The rule of the conch was the iris to be set down and here it is being broken.

The conch was the one thing that brought them all together with its powerful sound in the beginning and now it’s being completely ignored. If Ralph had not brought up this subject then Jack would have soon gained power and led the kids. This would suddenly lead to chaos and anarchy. Ralph saves Jack’s toots even though Jack didn’t realize it. 13. What dangers does Robert get into with the hunters? In chapter seven everyone except for Piggy and the littlest are hunting for the beast. After Ralph hurls his spear at the pig and the pig scurries away, the kids tart to play and have what they think is fun.

But, it is nowhere near innocent fun. It is violent and savage-like. They circle Robert and pretend he is a pig. They make squealing noises like pigs and begin to jab him as if he were a pig. They chant, “Kill him! Kill him! ” They hurt Robert physically and actually harm him. This was not a joke. They are becoming savage, really savage. 14. Answer Rally’s question, “Why do you hate me? ‘ When Ralph asks this question he is both curious and he intentionally wants to frighten Jack with his response of pure silence. If Jack, in fact, hates Ralph then it is for several reasons. One is attack is simply jealous.

He is jealous because Ralph has that leader look about him, because he seems to be so smart (even though it is actually Piggy’s genius behind a good face) and because Jack seems to realize at times that he is wrong and Ralph is right. 15. How does Gilding take the reader into Rally’s head? Feel that Gilding can take you into Rally’s head because he rights realistically. He gives the kids thoughts that a real kid would have. He has the characters ponder at the right spot in the text so it sounds completely natural and this allows you to believe that all Of Rally’s thoughts are actually real.

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