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“ Roselily -A short narrative by Alice Walker ”

In the short narrative? Roselily? , Alice Walker tells two narratives in one. The most obvious narrative is the 1 about the Black American adult female Roselily, who stands before the alter, merely about to get married a Muslim, while she thinks about her yesteryear, admirations about the hereafter and is oppugning wheter she is doing the right pick. The other, concealed narrative is the narrative about Black American adult females in general, their history and their on-going hunt for something better.

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The manner I understand the short narrative, Roselily`s narrative is, as it is presented to the reader through Roselily ’ s ideas as she is in the center of her nuptials, a contemplation of Black Americans` ( and women`s in peculiar ) state of affairs around the sixtiess. At this clip, Blacks are free Americans with the equal rights as other Americans, in theory. Roselily is an independent adult female of her clip, but being a individual female parent of four kids, working long hours for most likely icky rewards in a stitching works, she is far from free. The Blacks are no longer slaves in the cotton Fieldss, they are now paid slaves in the polish industry.

Roselily is most cognizant of her state of affairs, and she is willing to go forth her yesteryear and get down a new life with a new adult male. She has likely been seeking for a better life for rather some clip, by being with different work forces, who all could give her a kid, but non a new life. I am feeling an impulse in Roselily, to travel on, symbolized by all the autos described in the short narrative: They are invariably traveling from one topographic point to another, they give you mobility, prevent you from being stuck someplace you do non desire to be.

Roselily knows that she does non desire to remain in the stitching works, she knows that she wants to travel on to so

mething better, but she does non cognize what better is, and she surely doubts if what she has chosen will be better than what she had. Her divided personality is like the different groups of Blacks in the civil rights motions. Some Blacks wanted segregation, some wanted their ain state, some wanted to be more African, some wanted to populate like the White Americans, some were Muslims and some were Christians. They all agreed that their current state of affairs was non acceptable, but they did non cognize how to better it.

At the same clip as Roselily wants to get down a new life, she is afraid of losing her roots. She pictures her kids? exalted on a base, a chaff that has no roots? , and? She wonders how to do new roots? . Alice Walker here describes Black Americans and likely besides her ain hunt for individuality. Which heritage is the right 1 ; the one from their Black American ascendants, or the one from the African ascendants?

As Roselily is about to get married, about to travel to Chicago and get down a new life with her hubby, she is get downing to repent her determination and faces the truth: Merely like Black Americans went from the bondage in the cotton Fieldss to paid bondage in the stitching workss, she is now traveling to the bondage of Islam. She thinks of his faith and sees? ropes, ironss, handlocks? . She thinks of Chicago, her new place, and realizes that? all she knows about the topographic point ( is ) Lincoln, the president? . President Lincoln abolished the bondage, but that did non liberate the Black Americans.

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