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Out of all of Blake’s verse forms. the one I found most interesting is The Tyger. In the first stanza after seeing the tiger he asks him what sort of immortal being could perchance do something so evil/scary yet beautiful at the same clip. The whole verse form fundamentally consists of him continuously oppugning how and why such a animal was created. Although he is inquiring all these inquiries stating the same thing over and over wondering who it was that created the tiger. even though he does non straight come out and state that he is mentioning to God. it is reasonably obvious. He besides compares God to a blacksmith and admirations if God was happy after he created the tiger. Blake is utilizing the tiger to typify everything immorality yet beautiful at the same clip on Earth that was created by God.

There are many things that you know are bad. yet you can non assist but remain off from them. There are besides so many people who successfully give off a certain image of goodness but inside they are nil but immorality. He wonders why God would even trouble oneself making such things/people etc. I like how he is inquiring us as readers what we think. and acquiring us believing about our positions without forcing his positions on us. He does non straight come out and state what he thinks. but merely subtly intimations at it and alternatively. asks what we think as the reader is the reply to these inquiries.

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