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Autobiography of a Watch



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    Now I am in a line of junk which is being cursed and burnt to make new things. I think my turn will come in half an hour. I am not scared at all because I know that everything has to go one day and I am nothing else. My glass is cracked , band is torn and hands Broken. I think you can make out that I am nothing else than a watch.

    I am 32 years old and as back I remember when my eyes open first I was In a Titan showroom. I used to get very bored seeing people outside. The roads of India are also filled with people.

    I still remember the day when Tom came to buy me. He came with his dad. He used to wear me to his school. He used to boast about me to his friend. He was proud of me and so as L. He used to sleep with me and always wear me. But unfortunately one day he wore me and went to play. While playing the ball hit my band and It got broken and I fell On the ground. L was left there for one night. I was hungry and the scared-my Broken band was palling. L Thought that my end Is near. T was so cold there that my spring was frozen.

    Autobiography of a Watch. (2017, Jul 18). Retrieved from

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