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Franz Kafka’s: The Metamorphosis

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Franz Kafka’s: The Metamorphosis

An Analytical Essay

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Franz Kafka’s: The Metamorphosis
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     The metaphorical presentation of people in different stories have long been used by authors to actually send their messages to the readers in a much indirect procedure. However, in the story of Kafka entitled “Metamorphosis”, the use of an animal is more of an actualization of the person, in fact, he [the main character, Gregor] was able to experience himself becoming a cockroach. The plot of the story was simple; however, the presentation of the truths concerned about it is somewhat complicated.

How does this particular story actually relate to the lives of the people in today’s society? This theme is the primary focus of the paper that follows. A discussion on how the situation of the main character “Gregor” in Kafka’s metamorphosis actually relates to the lives of the people within the human society shall be presented within the paragraphs that follow.

The Presentation of Metamorphosis

     The story of Franz Kafka actually begins with the narration of the situation of the main character himself, Gregor.

His transformed being has been used by the author as an effective approach in presenting the emotional as well as the physical issues that particularly bring conflict to Gregor and his family in the story.

As the story lines relate:

“What’s happened to me,” he thought. It was no dream. His room, a proper room for a human being, only somewhat too small, lay quietly between the four well-known walls. (2007)

Gregor was known by his family as a hardworking sales man who values his profession so much as he is standing as the family’s breadwinner. He is actually noticed by his parents and his sister as well, however, they do not usually get to appreciate his hardships as a worker for the family. Everything seemed well, until that day when Gregor felt something different and was then transformed to a huge cockroach which, aside from disgusting his family, also scared people away from them. Because of this, his family had to take jobs of their own to support their needs, although they realized that Gregor indeed meant a lot to their family, especially in financing, they still lacked the confidence to actually come up to Gregor and thank him for all his efforts because of them being cared of his appearance as a cockroach. The story further points out:

“Already during the first day his father laid out all the financial circumstances and prospects to his mother and to his sister as well. From time to time, he stood up from the table and pulled out of the small lockbox salvaged from his business, which had collapsed five years previously, some document or other or a notebook. The sound was audible as he opened up the complicated lock and, after removing what he was looking for, locked it up again. These explanations by his father were, in part, the first enjoyable thing that Gregor had the chance to listen to since his imprisonment.” (2007)

     Everyday, his transformation became more appalling that it actually already affects his voice until the time when he connot speak anymore. At some point, he was not able to talk to anybody at all. It lasted until the time when he actually died from feeling so down for himself. He although never felt sorry for his family, he died with love, still rekindled by the memories of his hard day works for the sake of their survival as a family. His death however revived the family link between his parents and his sister. As the story relates:

     “Then all three left the apartment together, something they had not done for months now, and took the electric tram into the open air outside the city. The car in which they were sitting by themselves was totally engulfed by the warm sun. Leaning back comfortably in their seats, they talked to each other about future prospects, and they discovered that on closer observation these were not at all bad, for the three of them had employment, about which they had not really questioned each other at all, which was extremely favorable and with especially promising prospects.”(2007).

With his death, his family began to see the greater value of each other as Gregor himself once gave respect to that position or role of everyone in the family. As it is noted through the story’s ending: “Growing more silent and almost unconsciously understanding each other in their glances, they thought that the time was now at hand to seek out a good honest man for her. And it was something of a confirmation of their new dreams and good intentions when at the end of their journey their daughter got up first and stretched her young body.” (2007)

An Analysis of the Story

     Of course, the plot within the story could not be noted as an actual situation in an individual’s life. However, the impact of the situation upon Gregor could be considered as a realistic vision within the story. People who are usually working hard, almost 24/7, have less time that they spend with their families. This then results to their being less acquainted with the other members of their family. Hence, their families less likely recognize their efforts personally. This situation is certainly affected by different family relationship elements that concern the lives of those who are involved within the said situation. This is the reason why it is certainly necessary that the situation [the problem on family relationship] be recognized at an early state. It must not be waited that several unfortunate things still happen until the recognition of the efforts of other members of the family be realized.

     It must also occur to each individual that although working incessantly is necessary for surviving in this present status of living, it is also necessary that individuals set aside the time to spend with the people who mean much to them. This shall help them cope up with the different challenges that they need to deal with in life and in their own jobs. Through this, the feeling of being less cared about and the act of actually caring less about others could be avoided. Life would be much meaningful if the complications of not communicating with each other would be avoided well. Caring lesser about the others could be avoided. Hence, the feeling of failure and being less appreciated could be omitted within the family circle.

Personal Implications

     People are usually overwhelmed by their jobs especially when they are standing as the family’s breadwinner. Being seriously attached with one’s responsibility however is not that rewarding to most hardworking people. People, no matter how hard working they are, should realize the fact that they need the support of their families to be able to perform well in their jobs. The time that they are spending with the people that they care for, stand as a notable a [psychological] investment on their part. As these relationships that are nourished every now and then certainly stand as a way by which they are strongly motivated to get on with the efforts that they are putting forward for completing the responsibilities that they take in life.

     On the other side of the story, the character of Gregor also portrays the ways by which people seem to disregard the efforts of several individuals simply because of their physical appearance. Although the character actually portrayed an immensely huge cockroach, it could not be denied that this situation relates the story with the actual experiences of those who are less “physically fortunate” or to directly state, those who were not given the chance to become as beautiful as others are. People tend to see them differently instead of actually seeing their capabilities as a person who could also contribute to the society’s progress. This particular issue could be noted as a necessary fact that needs to be given attention by people today.


     Giving people the regard that they are worth actually makes a great difference on how people particularly see themselves as part of a group or a relationship. It is also very important for people to have a balanced view with the ways by which they attend to their jobs and attend to their personal relationships. It is indeed an awakening element that the story of Kafka, namely Metamorphosis, that the developments of the situation of Gregor actually portrayed for the readers. Because of the many things that people must attend to today, they become less caring with the ways by which they are supposed to attend to their personal relationships with the people that they care for. This then should be well attended by those people who are involved in such situations in life.


Franz Kafka. The Metamorphosis. http://www.mala.bc.ca/~Johnstoi/stories/kafka-E.htm. (August 11, 2007).


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