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Orwell’s Winston – Perfect Antihero

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In the book 1984, I believe that Winston is a perfect example of an antihero. At first glance he doesn’t seem like it in the least, but he is. He has many flaws, physical and mental concerning the ulcer in his leg and how he crumples under pressure. He seems fairly normal as a middle age man who sits at home in his small flat, what makes him special is his brains. He is insanely clever, smart, and quite an observer.

Throughout reading this novel so far, I have come to notice that Winston is the perfect candidate for being the antihero in this story of the future.

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Orwell’s Winston – Perfect Antihero
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Mr. Orwell created Winston as a simple and nearly background character. Nothing really stands out about him and which makes the mind wonder and be drawn towards him. He seems like a normal guy but is really hiding something grand. He is going against the government and Big Brother in one of the smallest ways but it will make a huge difference in the long run.

I know it doesn’t seem so now, but Winston is going to change the world with what he is doing. As he sits in his indent writing secrets and his true feelings, something is building up inside of him that will be released very soon and send the world into a tumble.

Even though he doesn’t seem like the type, Winston is a very brave man deep down. Orwell created him right after WWII so I’m sure there are many solider like characteristics in Winston. He sometimes seems like just a normal Joe, one who gets sick and lives in poverty. Even though he doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary in public, he does in private. He writes in a journal and writes about how he hates Big Brother and the entire government as a whole. Maybe not now, but soon everyone will see the true antihero that he is based on what is to come.

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