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The Story of My Life

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FAMILY HISTORY OF MAZIBUKO FAMILY My name is Joseph Mazibuko I was born on 19 April in 1948 at Colenso in the southern kwa Zulu-Natal. I am the son of Nomalanga Bessie and John Gumbi . I am the first born of five children from my father’s second wife. My father worked as a police man. When my father died I was just 9 years old. Then my mother and I moved to estcourt . My great-great grandparents come from Lesotho and the surname Mazibuko was originated when the Basotho people migrated to the Draknersburg Mountains .

Our ancestors come from Lesotho. My clan names are Mawelas’ amahle, Nina bakaMgabhi waMafu

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The Story of My Life
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awalingani nawaphansi, nawaphezulu; Nina bakaZikode kaLanga; Nina ebekuvuka bakaMashoba kaNkungw’ebilayo; Nina bakaMagod’aluvuno; Nina bakaBhoqo ziyawudla,ziyawusingila amagudwan’angasoze afelwayo; Nina benyathi yakithi emanxeba, ekulala yangangamanz’emifula, yangangezintaba My grand-grandfathers father was king, was born in 1793 at Lesotho. His mother belonged to the tribe and his father was chief of the dlangwezwa tribe. When the war impiyase sandlwane began in 1816,My grand-grandfather was 23 years old.

During of his chiefiency, leaders such as Zangenhla ,Ngizwenkosi and Mzilikazi were waging the destructive wars of the Mfecane.

Many of the people who got caught up in these wars turned to Moshweshwe for refuge. He took them all in and his tribe grew bigger and stronger. In 1823, Moshweshwe established Butha-Buthe as the capital of his chiefdom. A year later, he established a safer stronghold at Thaba Bosigo. This mountain stronghold was so secure that when Mzilikazi attacked it in 1831, he had to turn back without accomplishing anything. Moshweshwe was a diplomatic and powerful leader and was too clever to try to expand his territory northwards because he knew that this would incur the dfather was a chief My mother left me she went to Durban .

I began herding cattle’s while other children at my age went to school. When there was little work in Estcourt , I visit my mother at the suburbs of Durban ,where she worked as domestic worker. During that time while I was at Durban an opportunity arose . I get a job at mini-market which was owned by an Indian. I worked there for almost 2 years ,then I moved back to rural areas . It was 1996 by that time and it was so difficult for the black people to go the big city’s without carrying their identity documents . I got arrested in 1968 for not carrying my identity documents.

During that year I enrolled at Natal technikon which is now called university of kwa Zulu-natal. Life was so difficulty for me by that time, fortunately I got a job at rural primary schools. I got married when was 21 years old and I moved with my husband to Bergville and today it is my home. I am the only one left of my immediate family . It brings back lot of sad memories when I think about them . Several of my brothers were the members ’of umkhonto wesizwe and all of them have died. My grandparent Patrick Mchunu and Ntombizodwa Mchunu were born on the 12 February in 1908 in Colenso which at one time was known as Ekuvukeni .

The marriage took place in Anglican church . My grandfather (Patrick) was just 22 years old when he got married . He was working as cattle herd in farmer called wagendrift. The witnesses at the marriage were Phakimpi Khuzwayo and Sikhwebu Khanyile who was the priest in Anglican church of southern Africa at the was shown to have married couples. After their marriage in 1908 my grandparents Patrick Mchunu and Ntombizodwa resided in Mgqwabalanda farm at Dalton . Dalton was not a town land in its own right but it was a sub-division of the bigger town land of Ladysmith. On the 22 February of 1912 grandfathers Sister Nomalungelo Mchunu

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