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How many boys are in lord of the flies

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This theme can be seen in real life situations, for example in politics, politicians will do anything in their power to convince the people to vote for them. They will make the opposing side look like trash by using the power they have. Chapter 1 “Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things… L ought to be Chief, said Jack. ” Page 19 As the boys are talking about getting rescued Ralph shares that there should be a leader “Chief/Leader” to take command and control of the boys.

Jack believes that he should be the chief because he feels superior to any of the other boys.

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How many boys are in lord of the flies
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Jack wants to take control but as the boys put into tote who should be “Chief’, the boys choose Ralph. A robber represents how Ralph is taking power that does not belong to him. Ralph was given power because he held the conch. Ralph did nothing to earn this position; it was just given to him.

Even before he was named “chief” he felt like the conch gave him enough authority/power to tell people “shut up” and what he expected them to do. Chapter 2 “The conch doesn’t count on top of the mountain,” said Jack, “So you shut up. ” Jack has no right to tell Piggy to “Shut Up”.

A rule is a rule and who ever had the conch in the hand has the right to be heard. Piggy is just trying to make Ralph and Jack understand that they are acting to fast without thinking things through. A rubber band represents how Jack is trying to stretch out his title as “Hunter” to something bigger. Jack is in command of the hunters he has no authority to give any else rules/orders. However he feels that he has the right to tell Piggy when to speak. This shows the reader how Jack is abusing his power by giving other people orders without Rally’s permission. Chapter 3 “You remember the meeting?

How everyone was going to work hard until the shelters were finished?… Except me and my hunters. Page They all have to work together for the main goal of being rescued. No one should get special treatment. However Jack is using his “hunter” title to excuse his boys from helping out building shelter in the community. The only thing that is in Jack’s mind is hunting. Hunting is his main goal, because he is trying to prove that he isn’t a “chicken”. However, Jack is being selfish because he is only doing what will make him feel better. He should be helping out with stuff that will help everybody be safe, survive, and get rescued.

A target is a perfect symbol because it represents the one goal that Jack has. This would be to hit that bull’s eye/ the pig. Jack will do anything with his power to keep on hunting till he gets what he wants. He doesn’t care of anything else but to accomplish his one main goal “hunt”. Chapter 4 “l was chief, and you were going to do what said. You talk. But you can’t even build huts-” then you go off hunting and let out the fire” Page 65 Jack was given the title of “hunter. ” He had no right to give the twins orders because they have nothing to do with the hunting group.

However Jack took the twins to hunt and left the fire. The one time there was an opportunity for the boys to be rescued, the fire died. Jack kept on taking control because he believes that hunting is the main and biggest priority. Ralph gets mad because he isn’t getting noticed. He has the title of “chief” but really can’t do anything because Jack comes along and changes all the rules. Ralph is disappointed because he let things with Jack go too far and that caused them their one chance of getting rescued and going back home. Believe that this quote can be represented by siblings fighting.

As an older sibling we believe we can do whatever we want. We will make De little one take the blame. Ralph and Jack might not be siblings but Jack thinks e doesn’t have to follow the rules because he is bigger and stronger. He doesn’t understand why he has to follow the rules given by someone that doesn’t mean anything to him. Jack doesn’t like the way that Ralph put him on blast because of the fire. However Jack apologized because he wanted to show that he has a nice side that understands when he did something wrong. Chapter 5 “The trouble was, if you were a chief you had to think, you had to be wise. Page 72 Piggy is the one out of all the boys that has intellectual power that they boys need. Unlike Jack, Piggy stays low-key and doesn’t brag about his privileges. Little by little he is being noticed and respected. He helps Ralph out, and helps him understand that without him being chief, they will never get rescued. Piggy tries teaching Ralph that he shouldn’t give up. At some point Piggy’s power will be noticed and appreciated. They will all see the intelligence and wisdom that Piggy has. This report card is a symbol of Piggy’s intelligence. Piggy is the smartest one of them. But he doesn’t show it.

He thinks of all the consequences that could happen through every decision that Ralph and Jack make. Piggy is a guy that shouldn’t be mistreated because in a way he is the one that can lead them all o getting rescued. Chapter 6 “It’s time some people knew they’ve got to keep quiet and leave deciding things to the rest of us. ” Page 94 Jack is trying to take control again. He isn’t letting Piggy speak even though Piggy has the conch. The conch represents power and that is something that Jack doesn’t like. Jack is tired of having to listen to Ralph and Piggy because all he wants is to hunt.

He doesn’t give if they get rescued or not. He doesn’t care if they die or not. The mountain top represents the power and ruling that Jack desires. Jack hates being at the bottom because he believes he is the best there can be. For him being at De top of the mountain would mean a beginning of slavering for the little kids. It would also mean the end of Piggy and Ralph because whatever their opinion is Jack isn’t going to listen to them. The dream of getting rescued would die because that’s not important in Jacks mind. Chapter 7 “Jack bent down to them as though he loved them. ” Page 103 Jack is trying to get the kids on his side.

He is trying to make them think that Ralph isn’t good that he is just going to lead them to death and will never do anything for them to get rescued. He wants to be seen as the one that actually cares for them and looks for them. However the whole time he has never done anything to help the little kids out He only uses them to go hunting. This represents Jack perfectly. Jack is a two faced and the little kids haven’t been able to figure that out. Jack doesn’t care if the little kids die as long as he gets to hunt he is satisfied. He will go as far as he needs just to be able to hunt.

He tries to fake to be a caring guy but deep down he just wants to take over to make all of them do as he says. The only things that he would make all of them do would be hunt. Making violence something big in the island, if he becomes the “chief. ” Chapter 8 “He’s like Piggy. He says things like Piggy. He isn’t a proper chief. ” page 117 Jack took control of the conch during the meeting. He started talking smack about Ralph. He started saying that Ralph doesn’t like his hunters. That his hunters aren’t good enough, that they are cowards and that they ran away from the beast.

However Jack isn’t being true about the whole story, he isn’t saying how he also ran away when he saw the beast. He only says the things to make himself look like a hero and to make Ralph look like a jerk. A star is a good symbol for this quote. Jack says that Ralph is becoming like Piggy almost and image on the way they think. All stars look alike but they are all unique in their own way. Ralph and Piggy think and act alike because they have the same goal of being rescued. However they are both unique because they have different ways of getting things done but accomplishing them is their big goal.

That is something that Jack doesn’t see. Jack is just the guy that talks smack without being able to back it up with real evidence. Chapter 9 “Who is going to join my tribe? ” Page 139 As Jack failed to get the little kids to vote Ralph out. But he didn’t want to be embarrassed. The only way for him to get some of his dignity or power back was to make his own tribe. He is trying to make the rest of the kids see that without him they won’t survive. He starts giving Ralph competition. Through this decision that Jack made of making his own tribe, Ralph will be able to see who of all De little kids were being real to him and are faithful.

A debate symbolizes the competition between Ralph and Jack on keeping the kids. They both try to convince the kids that staying with either one of them will make things easier. Ralph stays true to what he believes is important and that is getting rescued. However Jack tells them that if they join him in his new tribe, they will be feed and they will hunt. Rescued vs… Hunting is the title for both cases. Jack convinces the little kids that he is the one they should go with, making Jack the winner of the debate. Ralph only stayed with 4 totals. Chapter 10 “You’re still Chief. Page 144 After being witness of Simony’s death, Ralph and Piggy don’t know what to do. They aren’t sure if they should call for a meeting or let everything play out the way it has to. Piggy makes Ralph understand that he is still the leader and that he has to make decision, even if they are hard to make. Everything lies in Rally’s hands, but that is something that Ralph doesn’t want especially if it eels with death. Rain represents everything coming down. There is a cycle before rain is delivered. Same thing with the boys, there is a cycle that will lead all people that are against Jack to death.

Rain can be sad or happy. Fife can be amazing or devastating. Death can be slow or fast. It can have no pain but it can also give you the biggest pain of your life. When rain is gone, it could have left a flood putting people in danger or it could have helped crops in danger of drying. Ralph is responsible for helping the kids out, however ifs something impossible because Jack has taken over. All their lives are at risk cause of Jack. Jack is like a horrible storm that is taking over and will not go away till it gets the power its desires.

Chapter 11 “What can he do more than he has? I’ll tell him what’s what. You let me carry the conch, Ralph. I’ll show him the one thing he hasn’t got. ” Page 158 The conch represents authority over everyone, something that Jack hasn’t been able to get. Piggy got to his limit with Jack; he isn’t going to take any of his crap anymore. He got to his breaking point, and he is going to give Jack a piece of him mind. Jack of course won’t give a noodle of what Piggy has to say. Piggy is nothing to Jack and that is something that Piggy will have to learn in a hard way.

Piggy holding the conch will not make Jack scared and that is something that Piggy doesn’t understand. The crown represents the power to rule. Whoever has the crown is the king. The king gives rules and has the most authority. Jack can’t wait to become the ruler, the king, the leader, the chief of the island and of the little kids. Piggy believes that with the conch he will make Jack listen, but the conch is just a conch and doesn’t mean or represent anything to Jack. Jack is not going to be following rules from anyone that isn’t him. Jack will not stop till he gets what he wants.

Piggy just wasting him believing that the conch in his hand can make a difference. Chapter 12 “Ralph put his head down on his forearms and accepted this new fact like a wound. ” Page 172 After having everything under control in the beginning, Ralph lost everything towards the end. Jack was stronger and got what he wanted. Ralph is all alone. He doesn’t have Piggy or anyone. Ralph accepted the fact that he is alone and that is something that hurts him. Ralph will still try to get rescued because that has always been his main goal, but now that he is all alone he soonest see how it could happen.

The whole journey in the island was a game of chess. You had to learn how to play your positions and not letting them get attacked. One by one Ralph started losing everyone, giving Jack the opportunity of attacking Ralph. At the end Ralph was alone and it would seem that it would be the end for him. Everyone was against him. Making the game end in a “checkmate”. However that was not the result of this exciting chess game. The ones that survived got rescued, and that was the main goal the Ralph had the whole entire time. Making Ralph the winner of the game.

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